Spartan 1500

1. 100 Burpees

2. 100 Pullups

3. 100 Box jumps

4. 100 Sandbag Squat Throws

5. 100 Jumping Jacks

6. 100 Brazilian Ab Twists (50 each side)

7. 100 Bodyweight Squats

8. 100 Side kicks (50 each side)

9. 100 Jumping lunges

10. 100 Curls (50 each side)

11. 100 Tricep Overhead Extensions (50 each side)

12. 100 Frog jumps

13. 100 Squat jumps

14. 3   Rope Climbs

15. 300 Crunches

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    S$@t! From just reading it one can get mentally broken. Especially if you know fitness test.

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    Great training session.

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    That’s over the course of a week right? :-)

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    What is a side kick?

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    #4 size? #10 lbs? and #11 lbs?

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    Bring it on!

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    I modified the challenge slightly due to availability of equipment. I made it 100 of the following 15 exercises:

    burpees (w/ push-ups), lunges, pull-ups, squat kicks, jumping jacks, russian twists w/ 40lb. kettlebell (same as brazilian twist???), squats, push-ups, curls*, jumping lunges, tricep overhead extensions*, squat jumps, overhead press*, jump rope, bicycles (abs).
    * = used 10lb. dumbbell in each hand

    Wow. Finished in 59:20. Was feeling the energy draining around 40 minutes and had to pull on the mental reserves to get through.

    Started with 4 pyramid sets of burpees 1-2-3-4-5-4-3-2-1 (= 25), then did 10 of each for 5 circuits, then finished off by either doing the remaining 50 of each (lunges, squat kicks, jump ropes, for example) or doing various paired sets (for example, 2 sets of 25 curls/25 jumping lunges).

    That was a scorcher. Thanks for the serious kick in the backside :P

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    Holy hell, this was tough. Not even close to an hour for me (1:45), but I did it! Since I knew I never could make it in 1 hr, I focused on form (real push-up burpees not the cheater ones, etc.). I had to split up the pull ups throughout the workout- starting with sets of 10 and later sets of 5. Good lord a good mental challenge was had. Good fun.

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    Smdh took me 2:30

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    I enjoyed it this morning. I started to split those 100′s from jumping lunges. I did everything except pullups, after 27 my pole broke, and my climing rope is in the country. So the total is 1325 in 45:33.
    I keep this WOD in my booklet !

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    Did a variation of this workout. Same time frame, 1500 total reps, some different exercises due to equipment availability and lack of familiarity with some of the Spartan exercises.

    Good stuff! Still feeling it two days later.

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    Brutal… I felt like someone punched me in my soul but epic wod none the less. Strict form did it in 1 hr and 22 min while wearing elevation 2.0 mask at 3k feet.

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    Did this workout tonight…cept the one I was emailed had 100jacks instead of frog jumps. Finished in 66:04.

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    So we did this wod yesterday and “I AM FEELING IT TODAY” I was showing a friend the workout above and realized I left out the box jumps. Ugh! I was bummed, now I can’t say I did the Spartan 1500. I tallied up the number of reps in the above description (1603). So should this be the SPARTAN 1600? Where did the 1500 come from?

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    Hi guys. Some help please. Firstly, what are sandbag squat throws and secondly, what alternative can be offered for pull-ups where horizontal equipment Is unavailable. Oss

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      Vertical Sandbag Squat Throws= vertical body-weight squat while holding sandbag after locking out at the top sandbag is tossed vertically in the air. Pick up the bag and go again.

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    I say, bring it! We shall see what the time will be. I get done, when I get done!

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    After this, all one can say is….’Aroo!’

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    Finished in 1:24.46
    Absolutely killer. Did all reps as rx’d before continuing to the next exercise. Used 20lbs kettlebell for all weighted movements.
    This one should be called the soul crusher.

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