Better Than Running a Spartan Race?

by Paul Buijs

What’s better than running a Spartan Race? Nothing obviously! But when I’m back home in the city, reminiscing  (er, licking my wounds), and reliving the epic challenges, good times and personal victories I had on the trails the weekend before, I do like to share these experiences and my love for all things mud running and obstacle racing with the world on my site Mud and Adventure. The fact that I get to tell people about this crazy obstacle racing sport of ours AND get paid some serious money to do so, well that is pretty ridiculous.


I am not a sports reporter, author or work in the industry (although at this rate, let’s just say the idea of a career change might have crossed my mind).  I have a full time job that is completely unrelated to sports, writing and obstacle racing and I’m definitely nowhere near as fast as the top elites. So how am I, Joe Blow Obstacle Racer, cashing in on my blog?

Affiliate advertising. I’ll give you one guess who the top paying obstacle race related affiliate advertiser is (initials are S. R.). Spartan Race pays me (very, very nicely I may add) for each registration referral I send them – and it adds up quick!  I wish all the companies had a program like this. I would make a friggin killing! O.K. now I am just getting greedy.  I am getting paid, big bucks by my favorite race, to promote my favorite sport. Win, win, win, win. Did I say win?
Sound complicated? Not really. If you have a blog or website, all you have to do is sign up (feel free to say I sent you), copy the code for the banner size of your choosing (with a picture of a sexy, kick ass Spartan of course) and put it on your site.

As this sport has taken off there are a lot of great blogs popping up covering everything obstacle race related to include race recaps, training and gear. I started a list of blogs written by fellow runners (from the average Joes like me to the Hobie’s and Margaret’s) here: I wonder how many of my fellow obstacle racers are missing out on this ridiculously easy (easily ridiculous) money?

I know I’m not. I kinda feel like the folks at Spartan Race are sponsoring me and they don’t even know it.  I signed with the affiliate program a couple of months ago.  Since then I’ve already paid for my last two trips to a Spartan Race (entry, hotel, rental car and all) with earnings from the affiliate program.  My next goal? I started saving for my dream warrior Jeep to take me to all the races (dibs on NY license plate: AROO!). I already bought the 2013 season pass. Well maybe I shouldn’t say “I” bought it.

I’d be happy to help anyone with questions about getting started.

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