The long awaited Spartan chicked uniform is HERE! 


The Spartan Chicked Women’s Team will be rocking this at the upcoming Spartan Beast and it will then be available for sale to the Spartan public.  In addition to this uniform that you’ll be able to purchase as a unit or pieces, there are a whole host of Spartan Chicked gear and apparel we’ll be rolling out.  Spartan chicks make mud look good!  Email for details – ordering online coming soon!

So get signed up for a race, get some gear and find the finish line! 


Want our rad new vintage T? 

RETRO_TeeJoin our Street Team!  Everyone else, this rad shirt is going to cost you $35.  A full listing of all our gear is coming soon. 

Spartan Street Team Info

We have a very exciting opportunity for members of the Spartan Community to become involved in the Spartan Race experience.  Earn discounts, cool swag, and get your community excited about Spartan Race!  We are looking for dedicated members of Sparta to assist with promoting the Spartan Race brand within their local communities!

 Street Team members must be 18 years old
 Living in the Continental United States.
 Motivated & willing to motivate community members
 Results Oriented

e-mail for details on the Street Team! 

Spartan Code
 A Spartan pushes their mind and body to their limits.
 A Spartan masters their emotions.
 A Spartan learns continuously.
 A Spartan gives generously.
 A Spartan leads.
 A Spartan stands up for what they believe in, no matter the cost.
 A Spartan knows their flaws as well as they know their strengths.
 A Spartan proves themselves through actions, not words.
 A Spartan lives every day as if it were their last.


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    LOVE the Spartan chicked gear!!

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