By Carrie Adams

MScanIt’s Spartan Chicked Tuesday!  So, today is all about the ladies!  By now you’ve all been following our WOD Challenge.  Barn Beast and Shawty are hitting the workouts hard and sharing their experiences each night along with our WOD.  Well, our newest Spartan Maurya Scanlon aka MScan is joining the action!  Inspired by our recent “Get Spartan Chicked” movement, MScan is joining Shawty in her quest for eternal female badassness (pssst – ladies, you should too!)  Check out our newest video: Women Winning for inspiration!

Name: Maurya Scanlon

Age: 23

Current City: New York City

Occupation: Spartan Tweeting Maven and Digital Media Super Genius (seriously, that’s what it says on her card)

Mission: WOD 30 day Challenge and in 2011 Complete “The Spartan Beast” in Killington, VT August 6th AND complete a The Rock ‘n’ Roll marathon in December (in Las Vegas).

Profile: MScan grew up in athletics.  She was a competitive swimmer who thrived on the feeling of pushing limits and performance.  “That’s a cool feeling – to exceed what seems physically possible.”  In recent years she has fallen out of the training routine admittedly letting work interfere with regular training.  “In doing this I am regaining that thrill again of pushing the boundaries that I think I now have and maybe proving myself wrong.”

The Documentation: Maurya is going to be blogging about her journey and we’ll be keeping you posted with Twitter updates.

The Program: Spartan’s own blogger, endurance athlete, and resident clean eating guru Shawty Spartan will be helping with the menu and the mileage.  The Spartan WOD will also be the core of the training.   She’s going to scour the streets of New York City (preferably in a weighted vest) for rad CrossFit gyms to train with as she transforms from a wimpy chick to a Spartan badass.

CrossFit gyms that let Maurya come train for a session or two will get an official Spartan Workout Shout out and the chance to leave Maurya laying in a pool of her own well-earned sweat, blood, and tears.

Let’s whip her into shape, Spartan Nation.  Join the movement.

Email: for details, with your WOD videos, pictures, and progress.  Get it done!

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