by Carrie Adams

SR-Facebook-36It’s Tuesday, well all know what that means!  It’s time to honor our Spartan women.  In last weekend’s June 4th and 5th Spartan Sprint, there was a 73% completion rate… the amazing thing is that the WOMEN out finished the MEN.  Thirty-five percent of the runners were women but over 90% of them got the job done.

And it’s not just the adult women.  Spartan Race has a kid’s race and there are always amazing girls showing up and showing their roots and beginnings of future Spartan chickings.

Summer Sichler

The Spartan Races are not easy races and we don’t change the course or adjust the times for the women.  Same start.  Same finish.  Same insane obstacles in between.  They train, they fight, they struggle through and they overcome.

Women’s reasons for running the Spartan Races are varied and often inspiring and they have been sharing their stories.    Take Stéphanie Blanchet from Mt. Tremblant, who said, “My business partner and I did it for my partner’s mom.  She had a heart attack a month ago and just found out she has breast cancer.”

70771503-sally-meyerhoffOr the woman who ran in Miami to honor Sally Meyerhoff, “Sally Smash in the Pink Socks” who was killed in March of this year in a bike-related accident.   She was considered one of the top ten marathon runners in the country.  Her Foundation inspires women who run in her trademark pink socks.

The Spartan women are showing up and proving to the men that they are the real deal.

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    How do I get a copy of some pictures from the Tuxedo Spartan race!

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    Ho there, dearest Shieldmaidens:

    I have a most humble request to make of you. On May 19th, I completed my first Spartan Sprint in Burnet, Tx and it was a perfect moment in my life. It wasn’t the mud, though it was well earned. It wasn’t painful cramps afterwards, though they were well deserved. It wasn’t even the overcoming of my own limitations, in pushing my body past the point of throwing up, past fatigue, and finding new strength in crossing the finish line.
    What really made the whole experience a perfect moment in time was meeting one of your own warrior women. Her name is Jessica. We met while washing the mud, blood, and pain off of ourselves in the cold, leach-rumored waters of the private lake out at Reveille Peak Ranch. She’s an incredibly sweet little beast of a woman, whose finish time was in a class far exceeding my own. Here is a link to our picture we took together at the wall, me barely keeping a lid on the mangiggles that her unexpected snuggle created in me:!/photo.php?fbid=4176950741699&set=a.4176949381665.2181935.1222263886&type=3&theater
    What I DID DO was go back to my bike to grab some food and change my clothes…and when I returned-despite scouring the grounds for most of the rest of the day, she was gone. What I SHOULD HAVE DONE was just propose to her in the lake, or club her over her head and claim her, and drag her home to my cave. ;p haha.. kidding.. I probably couldn’t catch her if I tried. She’s Spartan.
    Do you know her? Does she look familiar to you? Does someone you know, know her? I have to find her. Please. I would gladly submit myself to any series of Herculean trials for a chance to see her again, even just once. I am at your mercy.
    -Kill Bodies. Save Lives.

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