utah-7 - CopySpartan Nation grows every day!  Get connected!  Train & Race with Spartans near you! Spartan Racers stick together whether they’re on the course or not.  If you’re looking to build your team, find people to train with, locate a great CrossFit gym, or simply hoping to change your life by becoming an integral part of the Spartan Community, you’ll accomplish it all on our new Meetup page.

With Meetup.com, athletes all over the world can RSVP to future Spartan Races, or utah-20 - Copycreate your own Spartan workout groups in your neighborhood.  Get off that couch, sign up for a Meetup account, and start your Spartan training today.  Need a way to get started working out? Sign up for our WOD’s. www.spartanrace.com/wod. Take pics, videos, and post ‘em.

Visit meetup.com/Spartan-Race to locate events, training sessions, and make new friends in your city.  Why are you still sitting there?  Start your local Meetup groups now or it’s 50 burpees for all of you!  (You know we love our burpees).  And get signed up for a race!


***Special offer:  Use promotional code “MEETUP” for any Spartan Race to receive discounted entry fees to upcoming races.***

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