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Our newest blogger Brian sat down and picked Paul’s brain, a place we wouldn’t recommend anyone go near alone or at night….

by Brian Ansley

Paul’s newest gems:

When my dog sits next to me….instead of petting her…I use her to do curls and triceps exercises

When I’m at the playground with my 6 year old…all the parents stare at me as I race up and down the cargo net

I bought Pugil sticks and make my kids try to get past me on their way to bed

When I hit a single in a softball game and instead of running to first….I get as low as possible and crawl around the bases.

I initially discovered Paul Faust when I read his blog, “Ways I know I’m Hooked on Spartan Races”. In his blog, Paul lists a hilarious rationalization as to why he is now addicted to Spartan Races. This New York native, and father of two, participated in the Tuxedo race earlier this month. Intrigued by his passion, I decided to discover what drives Paul’s Spartan spirit?

What was it about the Spartan Race that really captured you Paul, I asked? “It was a kick in the ass!” he replied. “It has now pushed me to start doing things I would never do.”, referring to the race. Paul enjoyed the experience of racing the Spartan Race so much; he thought he would race again the following weekend in a race called, Rebel Race. I asked Paul to compare Rebel Race to Spartan Race. On a scale from 1 to 10, he gave Rebel Race a 2, and Spartan Race a 10!

“The Rebel Race’s obstacles were not as challenging as Spartan’s.” Paul claims that the environment of the Spartan Race gave him more confidence, and internal drive than any other race before. Since the race in Tuxedo, he has been enlightening people about his experience. He has also been informing his friends and colleagues about his new level of enthusiasm.

Despite a demanding work schedule, Paul is doing some rigid training for the Super Spartan in Staten Island. He encourages anybody thinking about doing a Spartan Race, to stop thinking about and go for it! Paul says the best part about Spartan Race is, “I enjoyed the entire experience, from the beginning to the end!”

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    *went for a trail run…but found myself deliberately finding reasons to be off the trail

    *I changed my calendar to read…Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Mudday

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