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- 01 Bear in Mind

- Example


Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other.
-Abraham Lincoln


Food of the Day


Bear Meat:


High in fat, protein.  No carbs.  Use this during your strength focused conditioning.  Great for recovery.

Exercise of the Day


Bear Crawl:

Begin in a baby’s crawl position, lift the knees 1-2″ and maintain this posture as you walk in a coordinated left arm / right leg and vice versa sequence for 30-60ft 

Recipe of the Day: 


Bear Steak:


Cook bear meat with onion.  Open flame optimal.  Gamey – try salt.

Workout of the Day:


Bear in Mind:


Bear Crawl uphill 50′

Reverse Bear Crawl downhill 50′

Burpees x 30

Rest 3 minutes.

(Repeat 3-6 times)


Always begin sure to warm-up and cool-down.





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