by Christopher Rutz

How far have you traveled for a Spartan Race? How many Spartan Races have you traveled to? Would you be willing to fly to race a Spartan Race?

Maybe you are hesitant to move beyond your local race venue because there are so many more variables involved than just waking up and driving to the race site. Well do not worry I am here to help you manage the additional complexities associated with Spartan Race travel.

Why me?

Well I have traveled to 11 Spartan venues this year and raced a total of 18 Spartan Races. I am here to share my insight, best practices, and general knowledge on the topic of Spartan Race travel.

I get a lot of people asking me how can I travel so much to these races? How do I have the time, resources, energy, stamina, and body health to do it.

Your questions will be answered on the following topics and more over the next few months on the Spartan Blog.

  • Why should I buy the season pass
  • How to save money when traveling
  • How to eat right when traveling
  • How to get ready for race on a travel day
  • How to prepare and recover on either end of a race weekend
  • Tips on selecting the best place to stay for a race
  • How to fit all of this in with a busy professional career and family
  • How to get sponsorships
  • How to balance business and pleasure travel
  • Spartan Races as a vacation
  • And any other questions that come up along the way.

Who is Christopher Rutz?

Christopher is a member of the juwi Solar Obstacle Racing, has 6 top three finishes in Spartan Races this year and is the current leader of Spartan Race Points Series. He manages a health and fitness blog, and has a Facebook page, Tough Training.


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