JamesSpartan is excited to be working with our partner Gaspari Nutrition in 2012!  The fine folks at Gaspari Nutrition will be providing samples post-race for all Spartan athletes! 

In addition, we’ll be providing a more in depth WOD brought to you by Team Gaspari Athlete and best selling author James Villepigue every Monday in 2012.  Check out his Facebook page.  http://www.facebook.com/jamesvillepigue and his newest page on how YOU can Conquer Any Course.  www.ConquerAnyCourse.com


Here’s what you need to know about Gaspari.

Gaspari Nutrition is an award winning global fitness leader with a mission to educate and deliver innovative, quality, and effective sports nutrition products to inspire customers in achieving their lifestyle goals. Gaspari Nutrition has become synonymous with confidence; the confidence to know that when you take a Gaspari product, you are doing the very best you can for your physique, your athletic performance, and your ultimate goal. 

They are one of the few companies to sponsor independent 3rd party research on their products to prove their efficacy. Gaspari Nutrition is sold in over 85 countries and available in over 5,000 US retail outlets that include GNC, Vitamin Shoppe, Kroger, Dick’s Sporting Goods as well as over 100 online stores, including Bodyybuilding.com, Amazon and DrugStore.com. www.gasparinutrition.com

Here’s what you need to know about James.

James Villepigue is an International best selling author of over 25 books. His flagship book series, entitled, “The Body Sculpting Bibles”, have sold over 1 Million copies over the last twelve years. James brings over 20 years of quality certified experience in the health and fitness industry. He’s a Nationally Certified personal trainer under “National Strength & Conditioning Association” (NSCA-CSCS), “The American Council On Exercise” (ACE), “The International Sports Science Association” (ISSA) & “The National Board of Fitness Examiners” (NBFE).

James is a graduate of Hofstra University, with a BS in marketing. He’s a Massage Therapist and received a degree from the New York College of Health Professions. James is also a graduate of the highly acclaimed coach training school, the Institute for Professional Empowerment Coaching (IPEC).

The success of his systems and his extensive training and coaching experience have propelled James to appearances on national television programs and achieved him publication in nationally recognized health and fitness magazines.

James’ latest project is a book being published by Penguin, publisher to the prestigious “Idiots Guide” book series.

It will be the very first official obstacle race course-training guide in the marketplace. The title of the new book is, “The Obstacle Race Training Bible”


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    Ya know, some of these workouts will get you kicked out of the local Y! Ha,ha – so do any of you have any rich friends with an indoor pool near Columbia, MO? I think today’s WOD would be great fun, but the folks at the Y would get a little freaked if I started jumping in and out of the pool.

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    I purposely did not look at my rueviops time so I had no idea what I needed to beat. This time I was 13 seconds slower than last time of 12.03.I feel pretty confident that if I had known what time I needed to beat I could have done it.Just for the record, I am not doing the nutrition challenge and had a long 4 days of late nights, volleyball and WODS from Friday Monday.I am not making excuses for my slower time, I am quite happy with where I am currently on my fitness journey.I just want to make sure all you folks doing the challenge have something to compare against.

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