by Carrie Adams

Picture5Spartan merchandise is now available for sale!  Go to our main page and click on the Shop link in the top right hand corner to get to the merchandise site!  We’ve now offer a full line of apparel and other products so our Spartan athletes can wear the gear with pride! 

Once you click on the Shop Link you are taken to the storefront of Spartan apparel.  The portal is user friendly and breaks down the merchandise and allows you to order Picture6any of our existing lines of products.  From hats, to shower kits (VERY useful after a race.)  We have t-shirts, our famous Spartan Chicked gear with the uniform, kids apparel, army themed gear, performance and rugged wear! 

Limited edition T’s like our Beast t-shirt, eco-friendly water bottles, flip flop, foam Spartan swords for the kids, tall socks, shorts and even Spartan dog tags will make you not only Spartan Tough, but Spartan fashion forward. 


Go get your gear, Spartans!


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    That is what I am talking about Carrie! Now let’s check out some gear!

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    When will you have ribbed tank tops for MEN! I see the women have one! We do like to show our guns!

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    Now how to get it to the UK???? x x x

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    Great catalog..will order soon….in the rugged catagory, please include a muscle style shirt so we can rock it at our local gyms…

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    Already purchased gear for myself and my Spartan wife. Aroo!!

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    Will someone please sell me a black Spartan Beast t shirt that they give you when you finish the race?

    My son completed the race, loves the shirt, but I need one to add it to a quilt I am making for him.
    Text or call if interested.
    Thx, 801-367-0107

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    I am sadden to find out when I got done unpacking after the race that I left my BIB number, shoes, shorts and most of all my Spartan shirt in a plastic bag. Don’t know how I forgot about it but did. Anyway I can purchase a shirt now that was given to us at the finish line? MIssissippi 11/10/12 race.

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    I am extremely disappointed that the clothing availability online is not the same as it was at the race. I see pictures of the items here, but when redirected to arborwear, half of the items aren’t available. I have sent 2 different emails to them asking about this, and have gotten no response.
    I would like to check out the full line of clothes, including the shower kit, womens socks, kids wear, the zipper hoodie. Where is all of this?? Can someone let me know, if I can in fact, get a hold of this stuff. Or do I have to wait a whole year until we race again?

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    What happened to all the good stuff?

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      I was told at the Midwest Race that a new store with all of the gear available at the race would be up by November…….It’s January and nothing yet. Had I known, I would have gone to my car, grabbed my wallet, and bought what I wanted.

      Any idea when we will be able to get the new gear?

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    I have seen t-shits with “I’m training for a spartan race” but I cant seem to find them anywhere to buy one. Also the spartan race leggings are not online…
    Can anyone help? I’m planning on running a race next year and wanted these to wear when training…

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    They were giving them out to the spectators at the vermont beast. I didnt see them at the merch tent though.

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