by Carrie Adams

IMG_8981With the 2012 Season fast approaching we have an exciting announcement.  At several of the scheduled Spartan Races we’ll have Spartan’s own Agora Grill’s food  in the festival grounds kicking off with the Spartan Temecula race January 28th and 29th. 

The Angora grill will feature a healthy menu inspired by the delicious and nutritious Paleo diet. 

The Paleo Diet is a way to get back to our roots – to eat the natural foods that our ancestors have hunted, fished, and gathered since the dawn of time, not since the dawn of processed foods. 

Some elements of the Paleo diet include: agora1

· Eat full portions of lean meats

· Enjoy fruits and vegetables, mushrooms, herbs and sweets like honey

· Remove the modern grains and dairy that can be difficult to digest

1· And get rid of processed foods, alcohols, and sugars!

· Get energy from natural, unprocessed foods – not dangerous diet pills or methods!

You’ll have a full stomach AND be full of energy!

The following is what the Agora Grill will be serving:

Fresh Roasted Delicious Rotisserie BBQ chicken that will fall off the bone! 

Complete with a Paleo Diet friendly, sugar free rub.

Accompanied by a Farm Fresh Colorful mix of crisp veggies paired with home made2 hummus, either roasted garlic  roasted pepper.

As for veggie options we will be serving marinated veggie kabobs or a full portion of Farm Fresh Colorful mix of crisp veggies paired with home made roasted garlic and roasted pepper hummus.

So come try our amazing new and HEALTHY flavor!


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    Meat and open flames…Aroo! Aroo!

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