Blair Christie beams the smile of someone who is very happy with her achievements.

“I am currently smaller now than I was in 4th grade!” she exclaims, probably showing her midriff. But it wasn’t always a case of smiles and true happiness. 

Poor eating and in her own words, “a sedentary lifestyle” saw her become another victim of the couch. With the vicious cycle of depression simply adding to the problem, it became a downward spiral. Blair grabbed hold of herself and fought against that spiral.

“In 2009, I was just shy of 300 pounds and really struggled with depression.  I had such a horrible self-image and just had enough. At that point, I could not even bend over to tie my shoe laces without getting winded much less even consider doing a Spartan Race!”

“I still have about 30 more that I would like to lose but currently I am just working on getting stronger and building muscle to tone my loose skin. Over my span of 3.5 years of working on getting better and stronger not only have I lost the weight but I have run a full marathon, a half & am now a certified TaeBo(R) instructor. That has allowed me to give back as I have been teaching for a year and a half and helping others overcome their own challenges.”

“I have maintained small victories every day that have added up to huge ones. I will be participating in the upcoming Spartan Beast run on Nov. 9 in South Carolina with a group of all dudes that are like my brothers! They have been a huge encouragement to me the whole way and have always believed in me. I just wanted to say thank you for putting on a race that has challenged me to push to a whole new level of fitness that is out of my comfort zone.” 

The lady that fought back brought back from her own private battleground, lessons she learned in her victory. Lessons of how humility can greatly aid the fight anyone has with whichever obstacle that stands before them.

“I am thankful that I know that you don’t get any better if you don’t push yourself outside of your comfort zone. I am excited about always getting better and stronger. I cannot lie and say that I am not nervous about race day, but what a sweet victory it is going to be when I cross that finish line!”

She’ll know at the finish line. Will you?

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    This is me; my story! I just finished the race on Saturday and it was amazing! What a phenomenal challenge for my body and my life. Our team is already planning on fighting for the trifecta in 2014! Thanks for the race and an amazing, challenging experience.

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