What is Obstacle Racing? Obstacle Racing is  an emerging sport and for Spartan, it’s a series of  races held internationally to give racers the chance to push themselves and find their finish line in one of the most challenging series on the planet. It’s a race. That means different things to different people. A  race  motivates, sets goals, allows for healthy competition and like the finisher medals serves as a badge of honor for all who are willing to take up the challenge.  But most importantly, it’s about finishing what you start.

Our races include two forms of competition. When registering you have two options: Individual and Team.

SBVT_BD_0090Individual: Each individual is given a racing chip where their official race time is captured. There are established competitive heats where times are used to award prizes and for the most competitive in the field but not every wave of competitors is showing up to compete. We have a place for everyone.

Teams: You can race with a team – build it as big and as bad as you like – your team’s SR-Facebook-103first four finishers will be your official team time. You still get to race as an individual so you get your own time established as well. Fastest teams can race in any heat and their award will be determined at the end of the day once all teams have had a chance to race.

The Ultimate Spartan Challenge: The Spartan Trifecta
Take on each of our three obstacle racing distances in a year proving that you are the Ultimate Spartan!

There are three distances: Sprint, Super, and Beast.

clip_image001Red Spartan Sprint: A Spartan Sprint is a 5K (3.1+ mile) race with a dozen or more obstacles designed to test your speed, agility, and strength. This is your Spartan Gateway. It’s an opportunity to see how quickly you can get through the race, or a first step into obstacle racing. You’ll never look at a 5K fun run the same way again after our Spartan Sprint.

clip_image002Blue Spartan Olympic Distance (Super): The Spartan Olympic is an 8+ mile race with roughly 15 or more obstacles throughout designed to test your endurance and strength as you transition through even more obstacles. This is the second step in the Spartan Trifecta. It’s a chance to see how far your training has brought you and the added mileage will make you really push through and find the finish line.

clip_image003Green Spartan Beast (Ultra Distance): The Spartan Beast is a 10 – 12+ mile race with roughly 20 or more obstacles throughout designed to test your endurance, your mental strength, and your ability to persevere. The Beast is considered our Ultra distance and is the third step in the Spartan Trifecta. The World Championship for Obstacle Racing will be a Beast, held in Vermont in September in 2012. This race will show you your weaknesses, your strengths, and your commitment to finishing what you start.

SPARTAN_RACE_LEVELS_DEATHSpartan Race does have one more challenge for those of you bad enough and committed enough to face it: The Spartan Death Race. There is only one Death Race and it’s not a distance event but an ultimate test of endurance. Not an official part of the obstacle racing series, the Death Race is a pure mental, physical, and emotional challenge that seeks to break over 80% of the field to failure. It’s not for the faint of heart and the most recent event held in 2011 took 45 hours to finish with only 35/155 finishing and 6/155 finishing with all the required challenges completed. Please only consider this race if you have lived a full life.

Each Region of the United States will have a Sprint, Super, and Beast in 2012 giving Spartans a chance to race in their distance of choice, work towards a Spartan Trifecta, or even qualify for our World Championship. The Top 10 male and Top 10 Female Racers from each race will earn an invite to World Championships.

Want to join the Spartan movement that’s sweeping the globe and find your own Spartan Glory?  You’ll know at the Finish Line.


Here is our most up-to-date 2012 Calendar of Races.

Spartan Obstacle Racing 2012 Season

Questions?  Check out our FAQ page or Contact page for more information.

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    Question about the trifecta. I live in TX. So the races aren’t in order to do the trifecta; sprint, super, beast? Also why are races in 2011 in the 2012 schedule and races in 2012 in the 2013 calendar. Thanks! I’m wanting to do the trifecta, but was hoping there would be a sprint, super and beast in that order and in TX.

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    No spartan race in calgary (Canada) next year ?

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    I’m new to your blog. Love it. I enjoy staying home with my dgtahuer also. May I ask how old your son is? This way I can kind of gage what activities are appropriate for us and even look back through some of your older posts. Thank you!

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      Thanks man, and thanks to Jason and Trifecta for the kilelr gear and all the training tips and guidance. Trifecta is a force to reckon with, so watch out !!!!!!

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    I am trying to complete the trifecta. I am doing the Super in Miami in a couple of weeks, the sprint in Mississippi in November, and planned on doing the beast in Texas in December. I was told yesterday that the beast in Texas will not count in this years trifecta calendar schedule. Is that true? I assummed the calendar went from Jan – Dec. What are the dates for this year? I did a sprint back in November 2012. Was that in the 2012 or 2013 calendar year? Thanks.

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