In the wee hours of the morning September 4, 2013 Spartan Race welcomed our 3,000,0000th Facebook fan. To celebrate, founder Joe De Sena is letting fans get some serious burpee payback! For every like, comment and share within the first 24 hours on the 3 million fan announcement post, De Sena will perform one burpee. Share the news by using #MakeJoeBurpee in your tweets and posts!


Joe will have little more than a day to prepare as he will then perform the burpees live via a video feed directly from the Tri-State Super Spartan in Trenton, NJ. Viewers can catch the livestream on the Spartan Race Facebook page.

Not complete masochists, Spartan Race will allow supporters to “donate” burpees. Supporters can upload a video to Youtube or Facebook of themselves performing any number of burpees, title the video #BurpeeForJoe and post it to the Spartan Race facebook wall. Burpee analysts will be on hand to confirm the donations and subtract it from Joe’s total Burpee count.  Tag the video with #MakeJoeBurpee to join the fun!

Will Joe be able to complete all the burpees? Will the Spartan Army come to his aid?

Do you know what a burpee is?

FIND OUT the answers to all these questions and more by visiting the Spartan Facebook page!

Thanks again to our amazing community of Spartan athletes now over 3,000,000 strong!

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