One of the most gruelling and energy-zapping obstacles at any Spartan Race is the 8 foot wall. More often than not, these will appear after you have been beaten down with other obstacles that have made you already tired, or perhaps following an obstacle that has made full use of your arms. You see the wall ahead of you and curse the fact that it’s a stupid idea to have these obstacles in such close proximity. This is very deliberate. You didn’t think we placed them together like that by accident, did you?


Along with obstacles such as the Rope Climb, Inverted Walls and Spear Throw – all of which have been covered by the “How To” series – the 8 foot wall is something we get a lot of messages about. It would appear that this is one obstacle that is catching a few people out.

Hurdling the 8 foot wall is something that clearly requires a healthy mix of training and technique. As such, Pro Team member Christopher Rutz is here to explain what you will need to do in order to prepare and then what to do on the day.

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