When Jason Hood talks about his son Micheil, you can see how the pride in him makes him feel. His eyes sparkle and his chest swells. He beams with joy when he talks about him.

“Let me start by saying how proud as parents my wife and I both were for the choice he made. As a kid around age 7 he always wanted to be in the military. After graduating high school he enrolled in college, was doing good but felt he wanted to do more with his life so he came to my wife and I and said “I want to join the Army“.

When Jason spoke to Spartan Race about him, a genuine father’s love shone through each word he spoke. When he graduated as an Infantryman in August with the 3rd Combat Brigade, (“The Spartans”), 10th Mountain Division, it took less than a month for him to be deployed to Afghanistan. 

Jason continues, “This deployment is a big deal for the brigade, due to budget cuts, this will most likely be the last for them as the brigade will be deactivated. How honorable is it that his deployment may be of historic nature?”

Such is his pride for his son, Jason decided to honor his son by undertaking one of the most arduous, toughest events in the world. Later this year, Jason will be taking part in the summer Death Race as a tribute to Micheil.

“It’s as a show of respect to him and others alike. I am going to enter the Spartan Death Race this summer as a tribute to all they have done to become Spartans in hopes that I may become one in my own way.”

When asked about the Death Race, the preparation for it and how he thinks he’ll do, Jason remains bluntly honest.

“First of all I must be crazy to even consider attempting something with a title like that I feel the need to see if I can endure it and I want to be pushed to the edge. How will I approach it? Head first! I will not stop! What do I expect will happen? That’s a good question and I have no answer for it! Does anyone really know? How do I think I will fare? Failure is not an option for me at this point in my life!”

Spartan Race would like to thank and salute Micheil and all those in the military for their service.

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