On Saturday June 2nd & June 3rd 2012, The Spartan Sprint kicked off with a full house in Tuxedo, NY!  Infamous for it’s hills and low crawls, a sold out crowd came out to see what this year would bring.  On Saturday, the day with opening Registration at 6:30am, and the first heat was to set off for 8am and the competitive heat going at 9A.M.   Spartan Race has come to appreciate Hobie Call more and more each race.  He always has something up his sleeve.  At 8AM he lines up and announces that he’s going to be running in both the 8am and 9am heats.

A risky move, but very Spartan of him.  He’s here to defend his title and he’s got some competition.  True to Call form, a little under 50 minutes later, we see Hobie running down the hill into the gladiator pit. The New York race is brutal – even for the elite racers.  As Call heads towards the finish line and past the gladiators we see blood rushing down the left side of his face.

He has 12 minutes to prepare for the competitive heat.  Hobie has some competition in this heat and with the bleeding wound and the already 50 minutes of work on his body, we’re unsure how he’ll handle the fatigue and injury.  No time to think it through, the heat starts and Quentin Ledbetter falls in right behind Call on the first leg of the race.  However, Hobie edges out and taks a commanding lead.

The ladies are representing too!  Andi Hardy Jori makes her appearance on the course in her signature lime green apparel.  When she crosses the finish line, in first place for females, she’s all smiles.  Falling in right behind her in second place, is Spartan Racer  Margaret Schlachter, www.dirtinyourskirt.com and her smile is just as big.   Andi and Margaret enjoyed the finish together and talked about the event with one another. Fierce competitors during the race, but always friends at the finish line.

Thanks to the light rain everything was muddy for the rest of the day. Spectators helped each other up and down the hill. The Bag Check Tent was loaded, Merchandise was selling like crazy, people were showering with the ever so convenient Dial For Men soap, and there was barely a line during Registration. Our largest race to date was in the books and was a HUGE success!

The one special treat Spartan Race had given racers was the presence of Chris Davis. Chris who is losing weight and training in Pittsfield, Vermont, was a fan favorite.  He’s moving toward a healthier lifestyle and taking up the challenge to complete the Spartan Ultra Beast in September. Chris was at the Sand Bag carry, where he gave people directions and was often seen offering encouragement along the course when racers needed the extra push. One racer commented that “it was a total shock and inspiration for all of us that have been following Chris Davis on his journey, we only hope he makes his goal, and continues to encourage people that anyone can change their lives at any given time.” Chris also received some inspiration when Andi, Hobie, and Margaret spent some time with him carrying sand bags and just chatting about his progress.

Another event that has been growing at Spartan Race, is the Kid’s Race.  A highlight of race day, seeing the kids take off and run their own Spartan course is always a treat!  These Jr. Spartans didn’t have it easy either, but the persevered just as the Adult Spartans.  Lots of smiles on the course! 

Tuxedo, was a dynamic course. Wall climbs, hills climbs, cargo nets, slip n’ slides and much more awaited the racers.  The race was held at the Tuxedo Ski Resort just an hour outside of NYC. If you’re in the area during the winter, it’s a great course for the family. The atmosphere is friendly, and the Spartan festival was an upbeat atmosphere of health, fun, and family.  Tuxedo Ski Resort is definitely a hospitable venue for Spartan Race, and a challenging venue for Spartans and Jr. Spartans alike!

A huge thanks to our volunteers for all their help!  Are you ready to take on your own Spartan Challenge?  With 34 events worldwide and new venues being announced regularly, find your piece of Spartan glory!  You’ll know at the finish line!  Click HERE to find an event near you.


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    I got the crap kicked out of me on Sunday, but I’m already signed up for next year!

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    This was my second race in two years at Tuxedo, and wow has it been a blast. My team (SBGFD) started together and finished together. 75% of us have already singed up for 2013, and cant wait.Great event and GREAT STAFF! Hoping for a hint of danger next year! THANKS!

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