by Joe Desena, Spartan Race CEO

Todd Love, Leesburg, VA Super Spartan

A New Year is the chance for a New YOU.  It’s never been easier, and we can tell you why.  Spartan Race has been able to keep 82% of those committing to a new years resolution on track with their health goals. It is a simple technique that has been proven effective over the last three years at Spartan.

What is it?

It’s simple.  Don’t go it alone.  Committing to a race with friends will keep you on track each day training and eating healthy the same way the Spartans did knowing they WOULD go to battle.  We can help.  Get daily workouts – we can send them directly to your inbox, and your daily workout will be waiting for you each day.  No excuse not to train.  Getting daily food tips, and you’ll get healthy, delicious food ideas sent to you as well so you can fill your table and your stomach with the fuel you’ll need to stay on track, lose the weight, get stronger, faster, and better in 2013.

Sign up for a Spartan Race, even if it terrifies you.  Especially if it terrifies you!  Your fight or flight mechanisms kick into gear, and you’ll be sure to get moving. Once signed up, you and your friends will have a goal and a reason to start taking your health seriously and it works 82% of the time which is an amazing statistic.  We call it the Resolution Solution.

With the support of your community of friends and family, healthy recipes and food ideas, and workouts that will get your body in shape, you can accomplish more than you thought possible.  And you’ll never have to be alone in the process.  When you feel down, have a bad day, don’t want to eat healthy, you’ll have the reasons you need to stay on track, to get outside and run, to get to the store and buy something green instead of something fried.  It’s time for a change.

Once friends are involved they act like a vice grip, should you start to go back to your old ways. Not only are you training to get through the event you signed up for…but you are training for them and they are training for you.  In signing up, they aren’t just holding you accountable, they are depending on you for the same support.

Not enough?  How about some proof?

How is losing 430 pounds?  Spartan Chris Davis did just that and finished the Spartan Beast (and several other Spartan Races) in Vermont after five grueling months in Pittsfield, living, eating, and exercising with our team at HQ.  You should see him carry a sandbag now!  He sure couldn’t when he arrived.  Chris resolved to lose the weight and finish the race and he got it done.  It’s amazing that he began his journey at 696 pounds.

Spartan Chick Andi Hardy started following the Spartan WODs and is in the best shape of her life.  One of the Spartan elite athletes in our 300 group, with 21 races completed she had an incredible eight first place finishes in the 40 – 44 division in 2012, three of those first OVERALL female.  Not too shabby!

Todd Love, triple amputee from Georgia alongside his teammates from Team X-T.R.E.M.E. took on a Super Spartan and a Spartan Beast all while donning a blacked out gas mask.  Despite his injuries from an IED attack in Afghanistan while serving as a Recon Marine, he completed the races.  How is that for inspiration?

So, now what’s your excuse?

It’s all here waiting for you, you just have to decide it’s finally time to do it.   Get signed up for a race, get signed up for our FREE workouts and FREE food tips and you’ll join the 82%.

Sign up, show up, don’t give up!

[Editor's Note: Need extra motivation?  Spartan founders include Guinness World Record Holders, Triple Iron Man finishers, former professional Adventure Racers (AR).  Check out our Founding Few Bio Page to learn more of their incredible stories.]

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12 Responses

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    Links appear to be broken:( for the daily work outs and food

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    Trying to get the daily workouts but the link isn’t taking me any where.

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    I would like to khow if the spartan race takes places also somwhere in europe and also i will like to know if it is possible to get training plain to prepare for race
    Thank you for your information
    best regards
    Denis Dinga

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    Can not wait to run in 2013. Your website and 2012 motivational video was everything I needed to be hooked after running the race in Tuxedo NY. Keep on Pushing Us!
    Spartan Racer Mahopac,NY 2012 Trifecta Status

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    So excited for the 2013 race year! I set my goal this year as spending every day doing the WOD and eating healthy. I also set a goal to complete the Trifecta in 2014. I am SO motivated by the support of this community and everyone who works hard to get people up and moving! THANK YOU!!

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    I want to start the new year with a heathly life style just like Chris Davis. I want your guys help to become the better person in 2013. Please help me to achieve my goals in 2013 & someday I want to run in one spartan race. Thanks!

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    Your motivation videos, and the Spartan success stories (especially Team Xtreme and Todd Love) have motivated me to sign up for 3 races this year, 2 sprints and a super and I’m seriously considering a beast to get the Trifecta medal…Aroo!

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    I enrolled at Penn Foster to become a personal trainer. Just prior, my girlfriend, pregnant with my daughter, left me a cut all communication with me. I recently found out our daughter was born and is healthy as can be. I, on the motherland, have slipped away from my education and into a bottle and pack of smokes. I was doing awesome for 3-4 months. Now, I’m depressed, I have no motivation, my energy is sporadic and I just don’t feel too good about myself. I know that I want to be fit, healthy and able to protect my daughter, no matter the physical cost. Currently, I live in Iowa and my daughter is in Texas. Are there Spartan races in either of these states? If so, when and how do I go about preparing myself for one? Ok, I’m done jabber jawin.

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    Will be running my 3rd race 1000+ miles away from home in SoCal in 3 weeks. Will get trifecta in may. Alot of people train everyday without a real goal. Spartan Race……finally an event to train for!

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    This year will be my first race. I cant wait!

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    I am currently weighing 285, but at 5’10″ I should be at 175. I need to sign u p fior your workout emails but your link is dead. My email is Please sign me up…I want to run like a Spartan in 12 months max.

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    The link not working – please, please I need to sign up :)

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