by Travis Ketcham 

A part of the Spartan code that means a great deal to us is “Spartans give generously.”  Our support for our troops is one of best and most notable manifestations of this practice.  This past week, we threw our support behind the program “Rehabbing with the Troops,” by joining charitable forces with Tito Ortiz.  The legendary Ortiz, former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion, has not only been ferociously training for his upcoming bout vs Rashad “Suga” Evans on Saturday, but he has also been making a splash by training wounded soldiers at his Punishment Training Center in Huntington Beach, California.  These soldiers, or warriors as they are called in the program, truly roughed it.  They camped out on the beach and trained every day at Tito’s gym.  RWTT and Tito’s goal is an admirable one: to use fitness and training to provide for these soldiers the quality of life for which we all wish. 

As a part of this partnership and effort, the wounded warriors had the opportunity to assist Spartan Race course designer, Russell Cohen, with creating their own mini Spartan Course.  The warriors were assigned several duties involving building an subsequently completing the Spartan Race obstacles.  This proved to be a mentally and physically challenging exercise that encouraged confidence in the troops.  These wounded warriors loved the challenge, and have expressed interest in and enthusiasm for participating in Spartan Races across the country.  As we continue building the Spartan community, we strive to enrich the lives of our wounded warriors as a much needed and humble “Thank you.”  We also hope to encourage more relationships with gentlemen like Tito Ortiz. 

Spartan Race has truly been inspired by this unique opportunity and has partnered with Rehabbing with the Troops.  Spartans will now have an opportunity to train with our nations Heroes in our own STWTT.  Be on the lookout for details for Spartan Races new and exciting Spartan Training with the Troops next week.

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