This weekend sees Spartans from across the country descend on Tampa, excited at the prospect of the first of its kind Special Ops themed race. Raymond James stadium, home of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, will reverberate to the echoes of AROO and almost certainly one or two shrieks and yelps of pain, as those who have spent the last few months training for this event push themselves just that little bit harder. 

Taking in a course of around 4 miles – you know we’re not giving away the exact distance – competitors will experience the gnarly terrain that we all know and love, coupled with the physical beating that the stadium so happily deals out with carefree abandon. Naturally, those taking part can expect their legs to take a little punishment as the steps of the stadium beckon them forward with a malevolent grin. Additionally, upping the ante just a little, some obstacles that await those attacking the course will be designed with maneuvers and strategy by Special Ops forces.

Such is the uniqueness of this event, a special medal will even be on offer for those who successfully reach the finish line.

With the Elite rankings and standing already heating up after only two events – Southern California and Arizona – elbow room will be at a minimum at the start line. With stadium races typically being much faster events for those that run the elite wave, Spartan is hoping that the addition of those obstacles not normally associated with races within the asphalt atmosphere will throw a spanner in the works and interrupt the rhythm of those that take the race for granted.

Teams travelling from across the land will see each other battle through too. Mud Run Fun expected to have the biggest team of the day, with the Cornfed Spartans, AZN and many others jockeying for position.

Those under 14 will still be able to savor the Spartan Race experience too, as the ever popular Kids Race continues to grow and encourage youngsters to get out and get active.

Who will become victorious this weekend in Florida? Stay tuned to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram on Saturday for updates.

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