Spartan Race WOD Archive 4.24.12 to 4.30.12

by Jason Jaksetic


Every week we are pleased to present a WOD brought to you by Gaspari Nutrition.  CLICK HERE for this week’s WOD that is hosted on our blog.


Even if you fall on your face, you’re still moving forward.

-Victor Kiam

Faster is a quality goal. Let’s work on speed.

Mile repeats. (track is optimal, but road/treadmill is fine)

15-20 minute warm-up run, put in a handful 100 meter accelerations to loosen up

3-5 one mile intervals with negative splits.  This means you run a one mile split around 5k to 10k race pace.  Each interval you run try to push it a little bit faster.  Recovery should be no longer than half the time it took you to run 1 mile.
Cool down with a jog, walk, then stretch


The turning point in the process of growing up is when you discover the core of strength within you that survives all hurt.

-Max Lerner

We are all growing as athletes daily.  But you have to take the first step to get on the path and start the process so that the rest will fall into place.  Here is a great workout to do even if you have limited time during the day.  Try not to obsess about how many reps and sets you do as you structure the numbers below according to your needs.  Doing 10% of a WOD is better than throwing yourself 100% on the couch.

warm up:  fast walk/jog/jump-rope

Main Set:
50-200 body weight squats
20-100 push-ups
jump rope
4 minute plank
50-200 lunges
10-50 pull ups

cool down:  stretch or hit up a yoga class


An ounce of performance is worth pounds of promises.
– Mae West

Time to stop reading WODs and saying ‘if only…’. Time to start training now, not ‘next week’. Not later now. Now now!

1 mile warm up jog

Main Set (repeat 3-8 times)

400 meters hard run then 30 burpees
1-2 minutes recover
30 burpees, then 400 meter hard run
1-2 minutes recover

10 minute cool down jog and stretch


The road to Easy Street goes through the sewer.

- John Madden

Hill Repeats.  Get after them!

warm up: 15 minute jog

6-8 hill repeats on steepest gradient you can find.  Run 30-90 seconds HARD.  You can do a set time for interval or set distance.  Recover 2 – 3 minutes between sets.  If you are doing this right you should be exhausted after 2-3.  Stay strong to the end.

Cool down:  Walk then stretch


There is no secret to success. What exists is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure. 

-Colin Powell


Sunday is our long day for aerobic conditioning. Make it a fun run through the park or a suffer-fest of hiking. What is your ‘long’ workout? That is up to you.  But make it count.  Back off on your usual intensity and stretch this cardio workout out so that you spend at least one continuous hour with an elevated heart rate.


Tomorrow’s WOD in it’s entirety can be found at our blog.  It’s is the third installment in our Signature Founder’s WODs where the people behind Spartan breakdown their favorite workouts.

Barn Workout WOD

1. 30 Burpees
2. 30 Burpee/Pullups
3. 30 Pullups
4. 30 Box jumps
5. 30 Medicine Ball Squat Throws
6. 100 Jumping Jacks
7. 300 crunches
8. 30 body weight squats
9. 30 side kicks (each side)
10. 30 jumping lunges
11. 30 curls
12. 30 Tricip overhead presses
13. 30 frog jumps
14. 30 squat jumps
15. 3 x rope climbs


Typically a workout like this is done after an outdoor workout.  Here is a short one to do first:

1. Stretch for 5 minutes
2. 10 x 100 yard sprints with 1 minute break between
3. 100 burpees
4. Slow 1 mile jog
5. Stretch for 5 minutes

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