It’s no secret that Spartan Races are challenging for even the most prepared. The good news is Spartan has a lot of tools to help you prepare. Each day, we send out a FREE Spatan Workout of the Day (WOD) and a FREE Spartan Food of the Day (FOD). With these scalable workouts and healthy food options, it will make your race day preparation all the easier.

But Spartan Race is taking it a step further. Want to get a taste of what it means to be a Spartan? How about a Spartan Workout! Joe De Sena, co-founder of Spartan Race and members of his team are hitting the road and leading Spartan workouts across the country. Come out and find your inner Spartan!

Register NOW for a free Spartan Workout in your area and put yourself to the test! This is not a traditional workout. You’l lift, climb, crawl and run with hundreds of fellow Spartans in a fun and challenging workout. The workout is FREE and you’ll earn a cool “Training for a Spartan Race” t-shirt!

Cindy Ausman was able to participate in a recent FREE workout hosted by Spartan Race.  She said, “I’ve participated in two OCR before starting to prepare for the Spartan Sprint in Miller Park that’s being held November 2, 2013. What a difference there is in the camaraderie, support, encouragement, training, and attitude.  Attitude is the most important differentiator. Spartan is woven into every breath and fiber of your being.”

Ausman says, “Two quotes from Joe that stick with me through three different workouts, “You have it in you” when we were “going for an easy run on the beach.” Those words cannot be used in the same sentence – Easy –Run – Beach. But Joe’s energy is contagious. I ran more, hurdled higher walls more times than ever before, tried new moves, and worked as a team in new ways.”

What does a Spartan Workout look like? Check out this video from a recent Hawaii workout.

Are you ready for your Spartan experience?  Click HERE to find a WOD near you!

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    I recently competed in the Spartan Super in Brisbane and loved it. I would love to know if you are hosting any of the training sessions to prepare for Spartan events. Cheers.

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    WeI really enjoy the WOD but sometimes have to modify the WOD to fit my life. Three kids :) . Time can be difficult to find but we like to include the kids as much as possible in the workouts. Let them bike while you run. Hit the hills and have them hike it while you carry one on your back or over your shoulders (my two year old does the best interpretation of a potatoe sack for the hills some over head triceps or bicep curls). Pulling the stroller thru the beach and letting them run around as you stop to do your planks, burpees, air squats or sprints. The whole family doing bird dog is kind of funny looking at the beach. My kids can’t wait to be a spartan! Our first race was the beast in Vermont last year I finished in 545 and my husband in 515. Can’t wait for this year! Training and racing has not only strengthened our bodies and minds it has created a new activity for us as a couple and as a family.

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