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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that Spartan had our first ever BEAST race in Killington, VT August 6, 2011.  Show hosts, Shawty Carrie Adams and M_Scan Maurya raced in the epic event and this week’s Spartan’ radio show had a special guest join the fray as well.  The Beast’s third place female finisher Margaret Schlachter joins the group to talk all things Beast!  Hear the ladies recount their experiences in the Green Mountains of Vermont and their adventures at the Upstate New York Park ‘n’ Ride.  Honey Badger talk, lots of water drinking, and plenty of laughs in this one!  Of course there are outtakes and we talk about some nutrition as well. Carrie aka Shawty makes some amazing homemade protein bars and breaks down a few clean eating basics! Did you notice the new look of the Spartan Race blog?  Go check it out!  If you haven’t signed up for a race get to it!  Register HERE!

Intro and Exit Music used by permission from “Windows of the Soul” by Fool’s Chaos. Hear more great tunes at Fool’s Chaos.

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    I ran the Beast and found it to be a similar difficulty as the last tough mudder in Vermont, only the obstacles weren’t as well done. I also noticed that the kid who kept winning the spartans didn’t even place in this one. I have come to one conclusion…most spartan races are quick and easy. I think there should be more races like the beast that are challenging even to athletes. Until then, I must say that I’m a tough mudder man.

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