by Carrie Adams and Maurya Scanlon


Shawty Spartan

Listen up!! BREAKING NEWS!  Shawty and MScan are going to be invading the airwaves (and your smart phones) once a week with ALL things Spartan!  LIVE! Spartan Nation – this will be your weekly fix of Spartan news, interviews, highlights, stories, and what’s coming down the pipeline!  The Average Guy Podcaster Jim Collison helps us kick off our inaugural show that we’ll be posting later this weekend that included all the deets so you can get connected and stay that way!

So, let’s be honest, we’re chicks and we have sooo much to talk about…


And talking is way easier than typing when our arms aren’t working after the WOD’s we feature.  On our first show we talk about the WOD 30 Day Challenge featuring Jason Jaksetic the Barn Beast and Carrie Adams Shawty Spartan that’s gaining some serious momentum and leaving a path of blood, sweat, and tears (maybe a little puke) as it moves into day 11.  We fight the urge to do burpees just thinking about it!  The movement inspired MScan to join and to “Spartan Up” so she can run the Beast in August and a marathon in December – both events with Shawty by her side.  She is an example of our “Get Spartan Chicked” movement that we highlight every Tuesday!

For our upcoming WOD We have some amazing tribute workouts to our military this Memorial Day weekend that will motivate, inspire, AND whip you into shape!  We also have some rad gyms that will help us out with new and exciting ways to bring the pain!

Other topics we cover in the show are the Founding Few Spartan Race creators,  Shorty Shorts, (Shawty just rolled her eyes) Barn Beast got an official nomination for the Hall of Fame, the Spartan Pyramid Racing Series, the upcoming racing schedule including the New York Spartan Sprint Race June 4th and 5th, Hobie Call, and the Death Race that’s rapidly approaching.

First podcast will be available this weekend – keep your eyes on the blog!!!  We’ll give you all the info that you need to stay plugged in to all things Spartan!  Now drop and give me 50 push ups….


What do we need?  Um… death metal intro and exit music!!!  Email with your music submissions.  30 seconds worth is plenty!  What do you want to hear?  What matters?  This show is about YOU and we can’t wait to meet ya…

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