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SPARTAN RADIO HAS VIDEO! See the faces of the hosts you’ve come to know!  This Sunday, July 24th we hit the air waves again and talked all things Spartan!  Ladies and Gentlemen of Sparta, it gets hot on the airwaves…literally.  We give out some hints for the races in 2012: progressive racing series!  Also, we now have U.S. rankings compiled!  Those will be made available within the next few days.  We also have a team competition that will include awards!  Details to come soon.  We give shout outs to our Cambridge Spartans, talk about the Beast coming up and the ever-growing Spartan Chicked team.   “Good climbers will be rewarded!”  MScan gives a little insight on how to train for the Beast.  Jim and Carrie give some truly inspiring personal anecdotes.  For more, you’ll just have to listen…

Listen to the amazing bloopers at the end of the show!  Also, we know that MScan plays with her hair a lot.

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