Run cadence is an often overlooked factor in running.  It varies for each individual, and you’ll notice variations in cadence when watching elites.

But it is common knowledge that a faster cadence aids in efficiency.

I typical elite run cadence will be around 90 bmp’s.  That means the right foot will fall 90 times in one minute.

To see what this is like, try running to a song that has a tempo of 90 bmp, and make sure your right foot falls on the beat.

So think of running as dancing in a strange way.

Let your mind go bland and just run with the beat.

A perfect song for this is “The Distance” by Cake (Fashion Nugget, 1996).  Just run to the beat and you will find yourself running at the same run cadence as many pros!  If you are a musician or a DJ, you should have the know how to program a whole play list of songs at either 90 or 180 bmp.

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    handy tool to search for music with certain bpm:

    enter the desired bpm’s , hit search, there you go

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