by Chris Rutz, Elite Spartan Athlete

Have you heard Spartan Race is going global?

On February 16 Spartan Race Mexico held their first event. It was also Spartan Race’s first international event of 2013. Mexico is the most recent addition to the international locations which include Canada, United Kingdom and Slovakia. This is just the start of Spartan Race’s global expansion, Australia is up next. This event also marked the highest elevation that a Spartan Race has been held; well over 8,000ft.

I was fortunate to attend the premiere event of Spartan Race Mexico and help bring the Spartan ethos to Mexico. As a seasoned Spartan Racer I had pretty high expectations for the event and venue. Spartan Race prides itself in their race course, organization and location. The race organization in Mexico exceeded my expectations on every level. Here is a recap of what was the same, better, and different.

Same race/different country-

  • Strong brand identity with familiar Spartan Race logos and check-in process
  • Challenging obstacles designed to capitalize on the terrain
  • AROO!!! is the same in any language
  • Race organizer passion about what they are doing
  • Over 7,000 racers introduced to Spartan Racing; they will never be the same

Go global, but act local-

  • Televisa, Mexican national TV, on site to cover the event
  • Mexican celebrities on hand competing against each other
  • The largest Jumbotron I have ever see at an outdoor venue simulcasting the obstacles for the spectators to see in real time
  • The Lucha Libre on hand at the start and as gladiators at the finish
  • More vendors and sponsors in a festival area than I have seen at any obstacle race
  • Finisher T-Shirts of a technical fabric with the race location
  • Finisher medals with race location, distance and year.


  • All waves open, elite waves to come at their next race
  • Festival challenges are being developed

Traveling to and from Mexico was easier than many of my journeys to the East Coast. The hospitality of everyone I encountered was extraordinary. I felt safe and secure during my entire journey.

Not only has Spartan Race gone global, but so have I. At this race I met many racers that have been following me on my Facebook Page, Tough Training, and on Twitter @ToughRutz. It was great to interact with followers who are as obsessed with this sport as I am. Will I be back to Mexico for a Spartan Race? Absolutely. I need to earn a Mexican Trifecta. Valle de Bravo is their next venue and it will be a Super Spartan. It too will be at a high elevation, so breathe deep if you come.  I hope to see you there.

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