Spartan Speed WOD 1.0

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.
- Leonardo da Vinci

You get faster by running faster, it’s not overly complicated – you just have to practice. This speed building WOD can be done by the complete beginner or expert alike. Keep it simple: run, recover, repeat.

Jog 5 minutes
10-30 burpees

Speed Session:
Run 1 minute
Walk 1 minute

Beginner: 3-8 x
Intermediate: 9-15x
Advanced: 16+ times

Cool down:

Beginners should start with an easy jog for their run intervals. Advanced athletes can go for race pace and go up to a leg screaming 400-meter pace if looking for top power. If you are in between these two extremes, experiment with pace, trying to make each interval of higher intensity than the previous. Don’t worry about distance, just concentrate on quality time spent working out.

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