By Khaled Allen

The Spartans were warriors, and we like to believe that training for a Spartan Race will help you meet the challenges in your own life. Most of us don’t get to test that, but Logan Jackson, a 23 year-old police officer in Hampton Roads, VA, did have that opportunity. His Spartan Race training enabled him to chase down a suspect over terrain remarkably similar to one of our race courses. In case there was any doubt that those who run our races become real-life Spartan warriors, Logan’s story will convince you.

At 0300 hours, Logan got a call for a burglary in progress. When he arrived on the scene, two male suspects were running down a side street with the stolen items. When they saw Logan, they dropped what they were carrying a started running. He got out of his police car and immediately chased after them.

Logan estimated that they had a 400ft lead on him, but he was eager to test his fitness gained form doing the Spartan Race workouts of the day. “Honestly I’ve been hoping for something like this to test me, because I’ve been working out so hard. I wanted to see if it’s something that would improve my job performance,” he explained.

In full police outfit, which amounts to 25 lbs of gear, plus his gunbelt, he jumped a curb, sprinted across a muddy field (sounds familiar), and vaulted a fence, landing in a ditch. He ran out of the ditch at full speed and chased the suspects down a road and behind a house, where he found himself facing three pitbulls chained to the back of the house. Avoiding the dogs, he managed to catch one of the suspects, who was in disbelief. He couldn’t believe that Logan had managed to chase him down, not only closing the distance, but actually apprehending him, and he said so, telling Logan, “I didn’t think you were going to be able to catch me. I can always get away [from the police].”

During the chase, Logan was radioing his position to other police officers as well: “I had several units on foot behind me that had no clue where I went too because I was running so fast jumping fences after the suspects. By the time they were at me I had the suspect in handcuffs dragging him down the middle of the road towards the patrol cars that had arrived on scene.” That’s a true Spartan!

Logan put on such a strong performance that the other suspect turned himself in, and both gave full confessions. They had stolen $3300 worth of lottery tickets from a convenience store, all of which was recovered.

Logan attributes his success to his training for the Spartan Race. He’s been following the workouts of the day in preparation for two races in Charlotte, NC next March and two in Virginia next August. He made it clear that the Spartan workouts made all the difference, saying, “I would not have been able to catch him if I hadn’t been doing the workouts of the day, and hearing all the motivation on the web page….I can say without a doubt that it’s helped me improve tenfold, not only my physical fitness, but my mental alertness as well.” Spartan training seems like the perfect prescription for law enforcement. It’s basically superhero training, after all.

Logan lamented that after graduating from the academy, he felt that fitness requirements became more lax. He himself signed up for a Spartan Race not because of anything he does on his job, but rather because of a lifelong commitment to fitness. He said that he’d been training with P90X, but found that program didn’t prepare him very well for the real challenges of a heated police chase.

Training is made even harder by the difficult working environment. After working from 7am to 7pm on a good day, it takes a lot of motivation to do a hard workout. Logan has found another aspiring Spartan racer to help motivate him to train, and he now has several other people at the department doing the workouts as well.

Add to that the general lack of appreciation that police officers suffer from, and it’s easy to understand why many cops have trouble finding motivation to workout. Logan pointed out that a lot of people only appreciate police officers when they need them, but most see police as a nuisance or an outright threat. What a lot of people don’t realize is how hard a cop’s life is: “A police officer of two years has just as much combat trauma as a hardened veteran.” They deserve our support and appreciation, especially with the kind of effort displayed in Logan’s chase.

He thanked Spartan Race for all the work we do providing motivation, workouts, and races to work towards, and for such a supportive community. Well, thank you Logan for training so hard and being so passionate about protecting your community that you sprinted a mile through a muddy field, over a fence, down a road, and past vicious pitbulls to arrest a suspect for a burglary. We’ll keep making insane workouts. It’s the least we can do.

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    Hell Yeah!!! Great job. I love to hear when the good guys are getting the job done not just because it’s their job,but because they make it their personal mission to be in their peak performance.

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    “A police officer of two years has just as much combat trauma as a hardened veteran.” They deserve our support and appreciation”

    I agree with this statement. I’m a die hard 48 hour, Cold Case, Cops, and Forensic Files fan. I can honestly say that the one thing I’ve learned despite my fascination, is that I would never want to be a cop or detective of any kind. So let me be the first to say thank you to you and all the other warriors on the front line, every front line…both home and abroad.

    Every Spartan is a warrior and dedicated to his passion as this story clearly shows. I’m proud to be among my peers!

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    Thats cool, but I don’t agree with statement a police office of two years has just as much combat trauma as a hardened veteran. Here in the states they don’t have IED’s, RPG, or mortar shells popping off on a regular basis. Just sayin.

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    I participate and train for Spartan Race(s) to hopefully one day follow in Officer Jackson’s shoes. After training for a couple years and trying out with several departments, the Spartan Races have been a great added motivation to keep it up and never give up on a dream. I commend you’re hard work and your service. Keep it up for your safety and the public’s as well. Great job, and thanks for sharing!

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    Thank you for your service, Logan. I believe that police officers suffer MORE from PTSD than combat veterans because the traumatic events they witness happen in their everyday environs, not a mud hut village or a cave. Fitness is extremely important for police officers: -to help metabolize stress byproducts -better chance of surviving if one is injured on the job -creates a presence that commands respect -keeps the senses more finely tuned, especially using a bit of martial arts training techniques and it helps to keep the emotions on an even keel which enables officers to create and maintain family relationships.

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