CJ Wilson wasn’t happy about his health. He was unimpressed with the way his body had been mistreated by way of his lifestyle and intake and one day, at 264lbs, he decided that he had enough.

He explains, “Everything I had was bad. I hit a major breaking point when I began to see serious stretch marks on my stomach. I couldn’t even walk around at work without getting short of breath or the worst “chub rub”. I knew I had to try something.”

That something was to embark on a journey of a new “him”. Together with a another “big guy” at his place of work, they began a competition to see who would lose the most weight in three months. In those three months, after cutting out beers, sodas and increasing his walking as a way of exercise, he found 34lb disappeared.

After three months of diet changes and then later, cardio work and light weights, CJ found himself getting leaner and fitter. An obstacle of a broken engagement to his fiancé presented itself in 2012, but he channeled this into striving to go for another 25lbs. Now, well below 180lbs, CJ will be attacking the Georgia Sprint as a new man.

“As far as more exercise… I’m planning on continuing to challenge myself in every way possible. I’m not sure what that will entail but I’m so excited every day to see what my new body can do.”

Samuel Stark has a similar tale. Despite already having achieved a place on the Trifecta Tribe list, he remains very humble about it.
“”I was on your web site today, and I saw my name on the Trifecta Tribe list. I earned my Trifecta in August, but it still feels good to see my name on the list.”

Sam’s journey began at age 3, when he was diagnosed with Asthma. By the time he was 13, he was over 260lbs. At age 14, he began exercising and struggling through but reached a plateau at 200lbs and found it hard to move further.
“Then Spartan Race came into my life, it gives me something to train for on a daily biases, I am currently 178 pounds have finished multiple 5k’s two half marathons, multiple other OCR’s.”

This fight, this epic struggle against the nagging, negative voice in his head became a victory. Not quitting, not ever allowing failure to be an option became the realization of that coveted Trifecta membership.

“For some people earning a Trifecta is something that represents how hard they worked for a few months or a season, maybe even a year. But for me someone that did not finish his first Beast, it’s a journey that I have been traveling for the last 20 years. Though I know my journey is far from over I want to say thank you.”

More fuel to the fire of “if you try, you will do it”. Just never stop believing.

See you at the finish line.

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