Why You Must Stretch

Warming Up – Pre Workout Stretching Routine

Cooling Down – Post Workout Stretching Routine



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    Wow… I have such a hard time stretching my hamstrings!!! I need a stretching routine to improve that!!!

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      Eric…hamstrings are of huge importance. Can’t stress it enough. You want to do the last stretch of pre race warm up.

      Sign up for Bikram.

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    I could never do a head to knee stretch right off the bat. Is there a different stretch u can do so u can work up to the head to knee?

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      Bend your knees as much as you need to to get the chest down there and then try to straighten your legs. Go check out a short schedule for Bikram Yoga to have someone who is trained to show you correctly

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    You can try extending one foot farther ahead than the other in a standing position to stretch one at a time. Having a partner push one or two legs can help and be encouraging. Remember to never bounce when stressing a stretch. Hold the position statically and do it a few times a day to see dramatic results.

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    I know this is not the forum, but I can not find any information about substituting a runner and how much it might cost?

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