by Brenda Perry

This is my transformation story.  The photo on the left side was two years ago (8-2011) a couple weeks after my battle with Breast Cancer Stage 2A.  I had to undergo six treatments of Chemo therapy, a Lumpectomy and 35 treatments of Radiation.  With all this happening I gained weight and found myself at 160 pounds.  That was the heaviest I have ever been in my life.

The right side is me after achieving my Spartan Trifecta (6-2013) and I am at a healthy 129lbs.   I changed my lifestyle to be more healthy and active. These races have given me the push to overcome difficult obstacles both physically and mentally. I strive to do better in the races and this is the push to continue my lifestyle. This is not really a weight loss transformation but it is a lifestyle transformation.

I was not going to let Cancer get me and change me instead I changed my lifestyle and became healthier and active.

What is your Spartan story?  Email with your Spartan tale of transformation.

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