by Brian Ansley

249434_10150199104756861_251061411860_7594660_1151185_nThere are many proud moments after completing a Spartan Race. Every Spartan will usually celebrate the achievement of the race in his or her own way. Some choose to unwind and have a beer at our exciting Spartan post party, while others mingle with their team and share scrapes and stories with other Spartans about their newly conquered adventure. However, there is one symbol of accomplishment that everyone can share no matter what position or place you finish. It is known as the “Wall of Valor”.

253564_10150198179356861_251061411860_7581695_3441839_nThe “Wall of Valor” represents a united strength among those Spartans that completed the complex event they just endured. It is a way for them to leave their mark, by writing their name on the wall, to inspire future Spartans to finish the daunting task that lay ahead of them. I was given some insight on how this was done by talking with, Russell Cohen. He is the man responsible for building the remarkable Spartan race courses.  Russell and his crew work vigorously for about 5 days prior to each event to build the course that thousands of hopeful Spartans run on race day!

When I asked Russell to tell me a little about the “Wall of 252799_10150199104461861_251061411860_7594651_4685367_nValor”, he said, “The initial vision was for racers to see the other signatures on the wall and to empower them.” After each race, the “Wall of Valor” is dismantled and then reused on several other obstacles for the upcoming event. You may have seen some of the signatures on some of your favorite obstacles throughout the course. How about the 8 foot wall, or the Over Under & Through? These are just to name a few of the obstacles that the planks are reused on. So next time you are stuck half way up that 8 foot wall, take a look at all those signatures Spartans!

If they can make it over, so can you!


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