by Carrie Adams

trifecta-badgeThe Spartan Race schedule in 2011 was a brutal one.  From the mountains of Vermont to the flat grounds of Texas, the foothills of SoCal and the muddy, sticky Midwest all-terrain sites, we put Spartans all over the globe through their paces.  With our trademark colors and unique medals, Spartans traveled far and wide to claim Spartan glory and bring home the hardware and the unforgettable memories.

Out of our schedule that included the three Spartan distances:  Sprint (red), Super (blue), Beast (green) there was but one Beast in Killington, VT and there were fewer than 100 who earned the right to call themselves Trifecta Tribe when the year was said and done.

Spartan Trifecta Tribe members are a rare breed of Spartan Racer that, in just one calendar race year, they completed the short and fast Spartan Sprint, the longer tougher Super Spartan, and the toughest and longest of all… the Spartan Beast.

Check out our new page that highlights the Trifecta Tribe of 2011.  Then step up in 2012 and compete and finish at least one race in all three distances. Then, you will be worthy of being on this list and earn your official patch and tribe membership!  We have Season Passes still available so you can get your Spartan fix and your membership all year long.  Head over to, check out the schedule and commit to make your 2012 memorable.

If you want to get inducted in the Spartan Trifecta Tribe you have to put in the work.  See you in 2012.


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    I have a season pass yet, when i tried to sign up for a few of the races there was no option for season pass holders. Specifically, when signing up for the Arizona super i was led to a registration page hosted by My question is does the season pass apply to this race? And if so how can i sign up? Thank you for your time.

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    We’re do you receive your trifecta metal do you get it at the beast race

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