by Carrie Adams

Spartan Race has teamed up with some amazing visualis artists to bring our race into your living room and bring the experience to life.  One of our amazing partners is HotSeat Media, a company who first found Spartan Race when they were shooting a series on chronic pain and MMA fighters.  They take all the amazing footage you see on Spartan Race TV.

I recently spoke with Logan Mosier to discuss the young company, the amazing HD, and stories that they hope to tell through the eyes of our Spartan Racers.

“So we have been around as a company for a little over a year and we have been doing a lot of different things – homeless advocacy, Boston Scientific, and the Pain Channel.  The Pain Channel is published every week and we did a piece for the pain channel for the MMA lab, they were really excited about the Spartan Race.  It got our attention.”

The company decided to cover the race in Arizona and despite their hectic schedule they made it out to the race and were hooked.   Says Mosier, “I looked at Chad and said, ‘It would be amazing to cover this race. We could tell a great story and so many great visuals here!’”

Next up was  Austin Texas five crew and staff members from HotSeat piled into a car and drove from Phoenix to Texas and then drove straight back to Arizona. “We put together a five or six minute episode per race.  We didn’t hit Toronto because of scheduling issues, but looking towards all the other events this year.  We are also going to be doing some extended coverage of the Death Race that kicks off June 24th.”

The goal of the company is two fold – to tell the stories of the competitors and and to capture the visuals that represent the soul of the race.   “We try to cover it like a live event and get as much coverage as possible.” says Mosier.  “Outside of the Death Race, event videos are published one week after the race at 8 o’clock PM EST on

They are always seeking interesting stories to profiles at events.  Currently we are looking for a few more folks for the Carolinas Race!  If you think you have a newsworthy story, send an email to   And for a sample of the work of our amazing friends at Hot Seat, check out our video from the Tuxedo Race in New York!


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