by Carrie Adams

What does Points + Trifecta + Season Passes = *%$@# (until now).  Trying to figure out how to plan out your 2012/2013 Spartan Racing seasons depends on some critical information and we’re bringing points, passes, and Trifectas into focus on this post.

Question: Can Spartans do math beyond the 30 burpees and 50lb sandbags?

Answer: YES!

Although for frequently known for our burpee proficiency than our mouth prowess, we put on our math helmets for this one.  With the season-ending Vermont Beast representing the crowning jewel in our Obstacle Racing series, we’ve done a little mathesizing to make it all work and decode the detail.  (Mathesizing = Math while doing exercise, we are Spartans after all.)  Luckily, we’ve had help from our friends at Athlinks to make it happen, so if you are wondering about points, the Trifecta, and season passes you’re in luck we break it down here.

Points Summary:

Going forward beyond 2012, the Vermont weekend will mark the end of the race season, with the new season beginning in October.  To bridge the gap and remain fair, 2012 points accumulation will end in December but going forward the schedule will adjust to account for Vermont being the big finale in our racing season.

What does this mean?  

It means that points are compiling for 2012 through 2012, but will be starting with the Carolina’s Beast for the 2013 calendar year.  The same goes for Trifecta. Trifecta for 2012 runs the calendar year, but restarts in the Carolinas for 2013.

I know what you are thinking. What?  How can that be?

Here’s an example: Sammy Spartan goes to the Carolinas in October 2012 for the Beast.  Sammy Spartan will have those points and races in two places: 


2012: Beast Points for the Carolinas, Trifecta Beast for the Carolinas

2013: Beast Points for the Carolinas, Trifecta Beast for the Carolinas

You’re not seeing double.  They will count in both places.

So for 2013 and beyond, points will be counted from October 2012 to September 2013. (Carolinas Beast – Vermont Beast).

Want another one?


Stella Spartan is registered for the Texas Beast in 2012, Malibu Sprint in 2012, and SoCal’s Super in 2013… what does that add up to? 


2012: Sprint Points for Malibu, Trifecta Sprint for Malibu, Beast Points for Texas, Trifecta Beast for Texas.

2013: Sprint Points for Malibu, Trifecta Sprint for Malibu, Beast Points for Texas, Trifecta Beast for Texas, Super Points for SoCal, Trifecta Super for SoCal

Got that part down but wondering if you should get your mitts on a Season Pass?  Here is the skinny on that:

A 2013 Season Pass is good for the Carolina’s Beast Race in October 2012 – Vermont in 2013.  If a season pass was purchased in 2012 it will be valid through the Texas Race in Glen Rose December 2012.

Let’s make this example a quiz…

Bobby has a 2012 Season Pass.  Betty has a 2013 Season Pass… who can use it to register for the Carolina’s Beast event?

Answer: BOTH!  That’s right, a 2012 Season pass ends in Texas, but the 2013 season pass will follow the October – September model.

So there you have it!  The mystery is solved and the answers have been given.  You didn’t even need a calculator!   So the only thing left to do is head over to the main page and register for a race!


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    OMG I love you Carrie Adams! You are the most amazing teacher inthe world!!!

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    Thanks for the post! I was really wondering about this because I plan to join the spartan scene in 2013 because I thought, what’s the use of running in a spartan (since I want to get a trifecta) before the end of the year. Now that I understand the schedule it makes it a lot easier to plan perhaps some before the end of the year! :) Thanks!

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