“It All Comes Down To Texas”

The Spartan Race 2012 Points System inspired more passion than the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street combined.  It created more polarized debate than the Supreme Court decision in Citizens United.  It provoked more conspiracy theories than the crash landing outside Roswell, New Mexico.   Its origin cloaked in more mystery than Mitt Romney’s tax returns, the Points System was designed such that to be the best overall racer year-long, there was little margin for error.

For 2012, the points system is based on an athlete’s 4 best races, the top 2 scored at 100% of their point award, and the remaining two at 10%.  Points for different Spartan Race distances were weighted based on length and difficulty, which put a premium on a complete athleticism, a combined profile of speed, endurance and strength, all measures of true Spartan excellence.  Accordingly, the Spartan Beast races were more heavily scored than Supers or Sprints, and with 5 Beast races on the calendar, the highest points total possible would come from completing four Beast races, including the Vermont Beast or UltraBeast (finishing the Vermont Beast or UltraBeast was mandatory to be eligible for the season awards as well as to rank high on the table).  Spartan obstacle racers have been jockeying for position at the top of the Points Series Table all year. But with less than one month left in the 2012 season and only the Malibu Sprint and Texas Beast left to race, it all comes down to Texas.

Hobie Call proved at the Sacramento Beast that he is back to racing form and will be keen to avenge his defeat by Cody Moat in Vermont.  After his shocking defeat in Vermont, Hobie was unable to race in South Carolina due to a hamstring injury where Cody was able to win easily, but a dominating 5 minute victory in Sacramento shows that the top Spartan Racer from 2011 is not ready to give up the points crown. Similarly, on the women’s side, Rose Marie Jarry cemented her top points ranking lead with a win in Sacramento but will be challenged by Jenny Tobin, Ella Kocuiba, Andi Hardy, Sue Luck, and Corinne Kohlen.

So what are they racing for? 

The Points System rules announced early in 2012 that

Cash and prizes* will be awarded to the top points finishers and we will maintain a listing of our Top 20 male and 20 female competitors. The current cash purse for the top 300 males and females will start by distributing $5,000.00 amongst them and grow throughout the season. As of the completion of Arizona the purse is at a total value of $10,000.00.  Prize Money Qualifications:  a. Top 20 male and female point leaders globally.  B. Performance at The Killington Beast, Spartan Race’s World Series Championship. (this race will earn double points)

*Full details at: http://www.spartanrace.com/spartan-point-ranking-system.html

That Points Competition purse has grown to $40,000, on top of the $50,000 in cash and $50,000 in prizes given away at the Vermont Championships.  So as the athletes race to the season finish, at year end,  Spartan Race can now confirm that the Top 20 men and Top 20 women in the final Points Series ranking will earn the following cash awards:

1       $4250 6       $1200 11      $750 16      $300
2       $2600 7       $1100 12      $700 17      $250
3       $1500 8       $1000 13      $600 18      $200
4       $1400 9       $900 14      $500 19      $150
5       $1300 10      $800 15      $400 20      $100

Further, the top 20 M&W and all Points finishers ranked 21-50 will earn an exclusive Spartan300 sweatshirt and T-shirt, and 2013 Season Pass valued at $400.   Points finishers in M&W ranked 51-150 will be presented with a special Spartan300 t-shirt and a Free Race Entry for 2013.   Age Group winners will receive a special award trophy.

What’s Ahead for Spartan Race 2013?

Be assured that the incredible growth in participation and passion that Spartans have shown in 2012 will be rewarded in the 2013 – expect more competition, more races, more prize money, more life changing events.  We are working on maintaining Spartan Race as the world leader in the sport of Obstacle Racing, and plan to launch team racing, relay formats, and Regional and National Points Competitions, along with multiple Spartan Race distance championships.  Launching soon also will be a Pro division to further establish OR as the sport of the true all-around athlete.    Earlier this year, we announced that the 2013 season would culminate in the 2013 Spartan Championship at the Vermont Beast, so 2012 races starting in South Carolina will be eligible for scoring in the 2013 season.    Stay tuned closely for more news to be announced in the very near future by Spartan Race on the 2013 Points Series rules and structure, the 2013 Championship Race prize purse and other exciting developments from Spartan Race HQ.



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    This is awesome but can the points system be updated? Last checked and anyone who completed the Ultra Beast don’t have their points showing. Just wanna know where I stand going into Texas. Can’t wait to complete my Triple Trifecta!

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    Some great things coming our way in 2013 Aroo to all the uk Spartans

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    Wondering where the Vermont points are? 5 days until Texas and prize giveaways …

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