Spartan WOD for Wednesday, 10.31.12

By Jason Jaksetic


Man never made any material as resilient as the human spirit.

—Bernie Williams


 Rating 1-5:   Strength:  4  Endurance:  4  Speed:  2

To all those affected by Sandy: hang in there, stay strong!   If able, lend a hand to a Spartan in need.  Please utilize the comments section to reach out if you could use a training buddy to help with some downed trees or debris.

This Spartan WOD is for any and everyone who wants to get back the core elements of fitness.  Nothing fancy.  No gyms.  No electricity needed—just raw human power.

Remember, there is opportunity in every set back.  Every time you loose something, you gain something.  When the electric grid is down, take advantage of some found time to power yourself up!

Power-Out Power-up

Perform for time

Burpees performed in sets of:



Mountain climbers in sets of:



Jumping lunges in sets of:



Burpees performed in sets of:



Notes:  Keep recovery between sets minimal.

It is perfectly OK if you reach failure at any point.  Simply recover and move onto the next exercise.

Beginners:  plan on doing sets of 1-2-3-4 for each exercise.  It’s important for you to realize that it is OK if you can’t complete a Spartan WOD.  We make them for advanced athletes, but they are designed in such a way as to be scalable as to allow anyone to do what they can.

There is little that you can’t accomplish in fitness with burpees, jumping lunges, and mountain climbers.


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12 Responses

  1. avatar

    I still don’t get it….explain how the sets work…
    Very confusing

  2. avatar

    On the exercises, how many reps should you do and the max goal is 10 sets correct?

  3. avatar

    Are the mountain climbers supposed to be a 4-count?

  4. avatar

    Is this to be performed as a ladder? A set of 1 burpee, 1 MC, 1 jumping lunge, 1 burpee…then 2…then 3?

  5. avatar

    I feel retarded even asking this but should i being doing 10 sets of burpess, mountain climbers, jumping lunges, burpess in that order? If so how many reps should I do of each exercise? I know the answer is simple but my brain isn’t working right now, thanks!!!!

  6. avatar

    i think you do straight sets guys, do all your sets of burpees then all your mountain climbers etc. just my interpretation.

    • avatar

      I don’t think it’s straight sets. The only reason I say that is because they would just say to do 55 of each then move on to the next exercise. There has to be some kind of breakup between each movement.

      I feel like it’s supposed to be:

      1 of each
      2 of each
      3 of each
      and so on…

  7. avatar

    I think the way this work is by starting with 1 of each, then 2 of each, etc…until you complete all 10 sets (I think). In the ARMY we kinda do the same “pyramid” exercices.

  8. avatar

    I did a ladder of burpees, then MC then jump lunge then burpees. took me 50 minutes. my legs are jelly

  9. avatar

    I think you are supposed to do all the buppies, then all the MC, etc in sets because if you go down the list as set of 1 buppies and then set of 1 MC, etc you will do the buppies again right before you start over with buppies.

  10. avatar

    Was there ever a definite answer on this???

  11. avatar

    Tom, Gary, David, Luis, Bruce, Jared, Fred, all:

    Sorry for the delay. I forgot to check in on this page with all the confusion that has been going on. Hope all are well after the storm. Many of you might be without electricity still; hang in there.

    Here is how I envisioned this WOD:

    One exercise at a time you do an ascenting # of reps for each set. You could say you are doing a super set of burpees performed as sets of


    It is, indeed, just like the first half of a pyramid. Try and eliminate rest between sets. If you are feeling ripped do another super set of (1-2-3-4…) or move on to MC and repeat. Then move on to (insert your favorite exercise here)

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