Spartan Beginner Challenge: 1.1


Very often we need a little nudge to get started.  Maybe a kick in the @ss, sometimes, too!  Take on this Spartan Beginner Challenge as the first step in getting to the starting line of your first Spartan Race.

If you’ve been looking to start doing the Spartan WOD, here’s your chance. Commit to doing this workout as the beginning of a 4-week challenge.

Did you know that all Spartan WODs are beginner friendly?  No matter your level, click here to learn how to utilize our Spartan WOD straight off the couch.

Kickoff your Spartan training with this 4-week Beginner Challenge.



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    I am an exercise buff and this looks like a sport I would enjoy doing. I am very new to this so how do I find coaching or spartan training ?

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    how does this work? is it just 1 day a week or are we suppose to do the same work out everyday for a week?

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    Is this workout friendly to pregnant women? I am just starting my second trimester and would like to maintain some level of fitness and ability throughout the pregnancy so that I can try for a Spartan Race after delivering.

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    This is my first spartan race that I will be competing in. I got 6 mths to train so thanks for the tips.

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    I would love to do a race but it’s just to much money. Do you ever just have a free one? In Arizona?

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    What does one do in the “recover” period? And what sort of stretches are recommended at the end of the WOD?

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    How many times a week should I do the beginner challenge? I will start this week with the beginner 1.1. Should I alternate doing other exercises during the week?

    Thanks for the help.

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    Now the x3 is that a week or just for the day? As in 3 sets of tgat work out.

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    Just started yesterday!
    Gotta shed some weight and get back into shape

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    The beginner challenge workout how many days in week 1 do you do it or are you suppose to change it up. I just started but some of the terminology is a bit confusing and how many times a week. I started off with week 2 cause I couldn’t find week 1 till now and lots of browsing

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    I wish y’all had a trainer app with these workouts.

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    I love the challenges. I post them to encourage and motivate those around me!

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