Spartan WOD for Monday, 10-1-12

Time is what we want most, but what we use worst.
-William Penn

Lunch Break Burpee Pyramids

Do your burpees in the following sets:


100 burpees.

No rocket science.   No expensive gear.

And everything you need to know about doing burpees properly is here.


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    I don’t understand how these are different sets. You take breaks in between? How long do you rest between each set?

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      Alex. It’s up to you based on your current fitness and goals. Less recovery will push you. Once you know you can do the whole 100 burpees it becomes a matter of doing them with perfect form and quickly.

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    What kind of rest between these sets do you recommend. That’s only 91 by the way. You forgot the other 9.

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      NIce catch Don! I like a 30 second recover maximum for bigger sets. But I’m not always glued to clock. Sometimes I do workout for time which means there is very little rest at all.

      -jason j

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    Check your math, thats one hundred




    you gotta do the work!

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