Spartan WOD for Sunday, 10.21.12

by Robert Decillis

What is the body?

Next time you hit the trails for a run try this fun way to break up the run.


Run 10 minutes followed by 10-30 burpees

Run 8 minutes followed by 10-30 burpees

Run 6 minutes followed by 10-30 burpees

Run 4 minutes followed by 10-30 burpees

Run 2 minutes followed by 10-30 burpees


Time your training session and see how fast you can complete the workout.  The run will take 30 minutes, how fast you complete the burpees depends on you.

Run between 80-85% of your max heart rate.  At the beginning of the session set the amount of burpees you want to get accomplished and hit that number.

About Rob DeCillis:

Rob DeCillis is the owner of Combat Trainer Strength Gym, the only Training for Warriors center on Long Island.  He is also an avid obstacle course racer, who is currently training for the Spartan Beast in Vermont.  He is also the owner of, a website dedicated to strength and conditioning for the obstacle racing athlete.


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    I love these workouts…they kick my ass so I love them! But with this one I did 15 butlers each time and was on the treadmill so I could monitor bp and my speed and to stay at 85% heart rate I started at 7.5 mph but by the end to maintain I was at 4.2 mph……is that a bad thing…..should I keep it up and go out of that range or what…any advice would be great…..thanks…

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    46:30 Time; 15 burpees w/ push per set

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