Spartan WOD for Tuesday, 10.23.12 brought to you by Gaspari Nutrition

by James Villepique CSCS


The WOD you have before you is the first of a set of four. The circuit you’ll perform this week is going to be scaled up over a month’s time; meaning added intensity, metabolic demand, and challenge. It’s focused on periodized endurance and agility training from head to toe.

We’re conditioning you for Armageddon basically. This is how you would train as a Spartan leading up to a major battle in the old days. You’re going to be able to look back at the end of the month and marvel at the sheer amount of hardcore obstacle training exercise you pulled off.

If you accept this regimen, stick to the way it intensifies, and time it to end just before a Spartan race, well, you’ll step up to the start line like a madhouse of confidence.

We’ve provided the layout of the circuit, and for this week you’ll do it three times. There are no resting periods other than those listed. In the following weeks certain things like the length/speed of running, the numbers of reps, and rest periods will change and increase your workload.

Keep your pace, keep tabs on energy expenditure, and keep your wits when the body entices you to devour adrenaline bursts in a single short lived burst of speed.

Strap in…


-  Jog 1 quarter mile

Lower Body Agility Exercise x 5

1 min rest

-  Jog 1 quarter mile

Alternating Split Squats w/ Jump x 10

1 min rest

-  Jog 1 quarter mile

Burpees to Tuck Jumps x 12

1 min rest

-  Jog 1 quarter mile

Full-body agility square x 5

2 min rest


Lower Body Agility Exercise – This is a classic agility exercise, and the reason why it’s survived so long and is used in most major sports to this day is because it works!

You can eye ball this, but it’s more effective to set up a square with objects you can see and aim at. Furthermore, it’s more effective to be able to see where you’re going to stop and immediately change direction.

Picture it like a big rectangle on the field. The two shorter lengths should be at least 10 feet apart, and the long ones double that.

You won’t change the direction you’re facing, just the plane of motion you’re in. So keep facing forward. Start by shuffling with quick steps forward as fast as you can, head left and do a side shuffle alternating the front and back feet, shuffle backwards, then side shuffle back. That’s one; do that five times without stopping!


Alternating Split Squats w/ Jump – This is a fully body balance and agility exercise that will be a bear to get through after running; that’s the point.

Use mental focus, the core, and your arms to keep your internal equilibrium centered. While you’re jumping into the air and switching which legs you come down on, rely on the mind muscle connection to guide you.

Try not to let your knees touch the ground, keep the weight in front in the heel, and absorb the downward force. Form is obviously a big deal, so during this first week take them a little easy, especially if they’re new.

The jump should be straight up, and there should be sufficient room between your feet while you’re on the ground. Rather than sinking into the lunge position, pausing, and then going back up, try to think of your body as a ball and take that pause away.


Burpees to Tucks Jumps – Again it’s best if in the initial phase you concentrate on taking this full-body complex movement slowly so that you can perform it deliberately.

Make the burpees controlled and then do a squat afterwards to prepare for a proper tuck jump. This means that you aim to keep your head up and jump high enough to bring your knees into the chest.

Come back down, connect with the ground, and then go immediately back into another burpee. There really should be no pauses anywhere; not at the bottom of the burpees, or when you come back down from the tucks.

Don’t get ahead of yourself; it’s easy to tweak something here. Watch your wrists, employ the core in every movement, and pace yourself. Go for as much height as possible, and generate as much power as possible to really kick start your muscular endurance.


Full-body Agility Square – Instead of being solely on your feet for this drill, you’ll be on your hands and toes. Why does everyone do bear crawls only going forward?

Just take it easy, bear crawl forward, then to one side paying special attention to your wrist joints and keeping your butt low, then crawl backwards, then to the other side.

This is an amazing exercise but for some mysterious reason people avoid it. Like nothing ever happens in life which could require us to crawl in other directions besides forward? Maybe it’s rare in the real world, but not on the course. There are plenty of opportunities when being able to do this really quickly and successfully can earn a Spartan an edge.

Imagine how many muscles go into these complex movements, and how much more brain work is involved. Start slow, because speeding this exercise up in weeks to come could be a possibility. The lower to the ground you are and the more controlled, the more trained your muscles have become, to say nothing of your central nervous system efficiency.  

Keep Going!

James Villepigue

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    I’m doing the London Beast on 18th November. Sounds like this is the perfect prep for the month before. I read that it scales down in Week 4 to rest before the race. Have I got my timings right?

  2. avatar

    So do we repeat the circuit 3 times in a row for one workout or are we doing the circuit 3 times in one week for 3 seperate workouts?


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    Great workout! I underestimated the time it would take me to complete. It was those sideways and backward bear crawls that got me. :) Loved it and I always looks forward to your workouts. Thanks so much for publishing them.

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    Awesome workout. The Full Body Agility was intense.

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    Loved it! The run burpee tuck combo was supreme – just the kind of intensity I like. The Full Body Agility was funny, fun, interesting. Did it in a wet meadow, so it ended up being soggy too. Can hardly wait to do it again! Love these circuits you are putting together, including the beginner circuit. Thanks!

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    I must have missed this, but how big is the rectangle for the body agility? Can’t wait to try it!

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    This kicked my butt! I loved it! What distance should we go in each direction for the bear crawl?

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    does anybody here follow the spartan WOD exclusively? please email!

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