​Spartan WOD for Wednesday, 10.24.12

By Jason Jaksetic

​Stay tuned for the next three weeks where we will be featuring beginner friendly Spartan WODs to utilize you motivate yourself or others with.  

In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities, in the expert’s mind there are few.

­—Shunryu Suzuki


Why do people take their inexperience as cause to baulk at diving into a new activity?  Isn’t it in the beginning stages of a process that one can experience the joy of a fresh perspective, the sense of uncertainty, and engage in a process of exploration?

Embrace your newb nature. 

Every workout will be something new and interesting for both your mind and body.

This goes for our most advanced athletes, too.  There is always something new to do.  A first yoga class.  A first ultra distance run.  A first snowshoe.  A first swim.

The weakest workout is far superior to the workout left undone.

Yes, you might be a complete beginner.  Let that fuel you, not stop you in your tracks.  Just start.

Spartan Beginner WOD (1 of 4)


Breathing and Stretching

Run 10-15 minutes

10 Push-ups

10 Body weight squats

10 Burpees

10 Crunches




Tips For Beginners:

​-  Take the time to build a schedule.  Don’t workout when the time is ‘right’.  Why?  Because it’s never turns out to be right.  Pick a time tomorrow that looks open and commit to 20 minutes of fitness.

-  Take your time!  Instead of trying to change everything in your life all at once, be realistic and set strategic goals that, though they push you, are manageable

-  When in doubt…do burpees!  They are a perfect exercise to target the fitness elements needed to be able to finish a Spartan Race.


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    Ciao sono uno spartano made in italy e vorrei info sugli eventi della spartan race per il 2013,vi ringrazio in anticipo!!!!!

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    I want to do the Spartan Sprint in February. I’m kicking my ass right now!

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