Spartan WOD for Thursday, 10.25.12

By Jason Jaksetic and Robert DeCillis


Somebody may beat me, but they are going to have to bleed to do it.

Steve Prefontaine


Spartan Mobility/Speed Workout (1 of 4)

The warm-up is usually the first item people omit when they train.  People usually hit a couple of stretches and then get after the workout.  The warm-up however should be the last thing that you pull out of your training.  Your warm-up can be used as time to increase joint mobility and your relative body strength.  The warm-ups you see here consist of two parts, mobility work based on the ground and animal movements.

Ground mobility work is essential if you want to reduce the likelihood of injury and improve the mobility of the joints that you will use in an obstacle race.  If you know you are going to be on the ground crawling and rolling around in the mud then you should prepare for it in training.   There are many types of mobility drills that will help you accomplish this.  Here we outline five ground based mobility drills.

For each of the five drills you will have to perform the amount of sets and reps on each leg.  The five mobility drills are designed to get your lower body firing and ready to perform the training session.  These mobility drills are great to use prior to any running or sprint workout as well as any lower body strength day.

The animal movements are called that because they mimic the movements of different animals. Animal movements are a great way not only to warm-up your upper body but increase your relative body strength and coordination.  Here they are used in a warm-up but the intensity can be increased such that they can also be used as an entire training session from time to time.  Done often enough the animals will help you improve your movement and strength.

Breathing and Stretching

Dynamic Warm-up


Ground Work

Fire Hydrant 3 sets 12 reps with ISO Hold for 5 seconds after each rep.

Alternating Arm and Leg Raise 3 sets 8 reps

Straight Leg Fire Hydrant 3 sets 8 reps with ISO Hold for 5 seconds after each rep.

Prone Knee Raise 3 sets 12 reps

Double Leg Bridge 3 sets 12 reps


Animal Movements

Lateral Crab Walk 3 sets 25 yards

Lateral Bear Crawl 3 sets 25 yards

Tiger Crawl with a pushup 3 sets 25 yards

Frog Hop with jump 3 sets 25 yards

Alligator Crawl 3 sets 25 yards



Run 1-2 miles


Speed Work

4 x 400 meters

4 x 100 meters

8 Responses

  1. avatar

    I’m lost already! The movements??? Is it 1-2 miles then the sprints? Rest bt the sprints?

  2. avatar

    How long between evolutions, between sprints

  3. avatar

    Can you explain the movements for the tiger and alligator crawl? I’m not familiar with these two movements

  4. avatar

    awesome. The warm up was a full bore workout. 25 yard frog hops, fuggitaboutit!

  5. avatar

    @ mitch- you are right, just did this warm-up and was like, “there’s more?”.. training for Spartan July 2013, better get movin til this is easy

    • avatar

      Mitch, Chris, I do not know how old you two are but I feel your pain. I’m 54 and recovering from back,knee,and shoulder inj. and the warmups are a hand full for me too. I only have 280 days till Pacific Northwest has their sprint. Got to get Spartan tough.

  6. avatar

    Yeah, those frog hops started to get to me, too. Definitely a fun, unique workout, though.

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    Great workout!
    Did all the running first then the animal movements., uuufff specially the alligator walk at the end w a push up each step!
    Thanks for sharing this wod’s! Looking forward for the next. Challenge!

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