Make the best use of what is in your power, and take the rest as it happens.



If you trained hard this weekend, you might deserve some active recovery tomorrow.  If you go hard 7 days a week you are setting yourself up for poor performance and eventual injury.


Some days as soon as you start your WOD you might notice that you just ‘don’t have it in you’.  Your legs are lead and your mental state is hazy and uninspired.


If this is the case you need to rest up a bit and absorb your training so you can train hard again once you are feeling strong.  If you are out of gas you need to dial it back and just do what is within your power levels.  Recovering means you are smart, not lazy – it is the mark of an experienced athlete.


A great active recovery workout is an easy 20 minute swim or a 30 minute bike ride.  Also, you can just do these exercises in our dynamic warm-up that will keep you loose and active while you are recovering.  The best thing to do is to change up your routine while still exercising your body.


Click here to learn about active recovery in your training program.


What is better, one day of light training a week, or a month of no training because you blew out a few muscles?


Also, take advantage of a reduced training load to catch up on some reading.  Check out this blog where we break down the best ways to keep from getting lost while running in the woods.


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