Spartan WOD for Thursday, 11.1.12

by Carrie Adams

This too shall pass.

- King Solomon

Nothing is stronger than the human spirit.  Hurricane Sandy is still on the move after ravaging New York and New Jersey leaving record-breaking damage in its wake.  Our thoughts at HQ are with everyone who has been and will b affected by this super storm.  There is a long journey of rebuilding and recovery ahead, and so many of our Spartans are left without power and without the chance to get outside or to the gym, there is still a way to get in your workouts. Let’s go back to basics.  Let’s plank.

1 – 3 minutes of plank every hour on the hour of your waking hours for 24 hours


If you wake up at 8 AM and go to sleep at 11PM and plank for two minutes every hour, you’ll end up with 30 minutes of planking on the day!

Stay strong, Spartans!

If this is your first planking day and you are a woman, you probably need to check out our Spartan Chicked Facebook Page.

Check out our August:  Drop Everything and Plank Day.

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    This was the most fun workout yet! I planked right in the middle of Best Buy because I was there on the hour! Did I get strange looks? I don’t know, I was looking at the floor.

    On a more serious note. Anyone else out there going from couch potato to Spartan? My neighbor challenged me to sign up for a race in May. I have been training for two months now and am making progress, just wondered if anyone had any advice for a beginner.

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    In addition to WODs, include regularly:

    walking lunges followed by burpees – rest – pullups

    with elbow pads and forearms covered, practice crawling (with head aligned, not dropped or raised) 10 yards at a time with push ups at the completion of each 10 yards. work up to 100 yards in increments (+ 100 pushups)

    Australian pullups with a thick rope or towel looped around the bar to serve as handles

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    I like

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