Spartan WOD for Sunday, 11.4.12

By Joe De Sena

Strength comes from your core-so why aren’t you working it?

Hot Gates

Strength:  5  Endurance:  4  Speed:  2

Spartan Breathing and Stretching


Main set:
100 Jumping Jacks
200 single leg crunches
100 straight leg crunches
50 straight leg side to side
100 (50 a side plank brazilian kick)
100 back straight leg raises while in downward dog
100 standing side kicks
100 fast jumps jump in air knees trying to touch chest
100 upside down pushups or just stay there for a total of 3 minutes
100 pull-ups
100 hanging leg raises
3 mile slow run
5 minute plank


Cool down:


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12 Responses

  1. avatar

    How do you do the 200 single leg crunches and the straight leg crunches?

  2. avatar

    Great ab workout – thanks!

  3. avatar

    I’m sorry, but who in the world can do this workout? I’m calling you out on your bluff. Did you do this workout or did you just write it because it looked cool? I don’t understand how even the most fit people could do over 50-60 pull ups. I asked Chuck Norris if he could do this workout and even he said he might break a sweat…. If you can do it, post a video and I will eat my words. I think I’ll be going hungry.

  4. avatar

    What is the time limit for the work out?

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    Great Core workout. if i practice the upside down push ups (i’m assuming they are handstand push ups) everyday, will i someday be able to do even one? what else can i do to improve strength to be able to do these? (i do lots of pullups/pushups already)

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    Would love to give this workout a whirl but don’t know what a lot of the exercises are. Plank Brazilian kick? If there is a video out there somewhere explaining please let me know. I prefer to do it with proper form or not at all.

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    where do I find the descriptions of the routines. Back Straight Leg Raises?

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