Spartan WOD for Thursday, 11.8.12

by Jason Jaksetic


Realists do not fear the results of their study.
—Fyodor Dostoevsky

How fast can you run a mile?  Don’t be afraid to test yourself—find out.

Warm-up (a must in this WOD):

Spartan breathing and stretching

Dynamic Warm-up including:

Jumping Jacks

Seal Jacks

High Knee Drills



1-2 mile run with 4-6 short accelerations


Main set:

1-mile time trial


Cool Down:

Jog 800 meters.



Commit to tomorrow’s WOD by sharing your goal time in the comments section.

Register.  Train.  Race.  See the difference.

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14 Responses

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    Did a 10-year PR with a 6:11 mile.

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    Goal time 2 miles 18 mins

    Actual time: 1.9 miles 16:01

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    I had to search what a seal jack was. I found two main examples, however, I think this video shows the correct one. Actually, it shows the regular jumping jack and the seal jack.

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    My time for 1.6 km was 11 min 30 sec. Friggen’ slow but at least I did it. My goal time is 10 min.

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    You really should be consistent with how you measure distances, don’t keep switching between miles and kilometers/meters. It makes it seem like you are disorganised

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      Hi Kyle, thanks for the comment. With races in the UK, Canada, and the USA, we must change from miles to KM and vice versa to fit that countries nomenclature. Keep it up Spartan!

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    Everyone: GREAT JOB. Next week see if you can better it! I bet you can

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