Spartan WOD for Friday, 9.14.12:  Unbreakable Intervals

After climbing a great hill, one only finds that there are many more hills to climb.
- Nelson Mandela

At the Tri-State Super Spartan last weekend (read the race report), many racers stopped in their tracks, broken and battered, unable to comprehend how difficult the mountain slopes were.

You can never do enough hills.  It’s that simple.  There will always be a greater one ahead of you.


For this Spartan WOD be sure to read Dr. Jeff Godin’s of Spartan Coaching explanation as to how important hills are to Spartan training here on our blog.

Intervals are the best way to improve your fitness and these are no exception.

10 reps: 10-second hill (sprint), 10-second rest

5 reps: 20-second hill (very high intensity), 20-second rest

3 reps: 30-second hill (high intensity), 10-second rest

Do not stop until all 18 intervals are complete.  You can do this on one long hill or use your rest intervals to walk downhill so that you won’t reach the top before an interval is over.

Walk for 5 minutes to recover and repeat the above sets with reps of 5, 3, 1

Jog easy for 20 minutes.


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